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Posted By Topic: From the Meeting of Sheikh Rabee and Sheikh al Wasaabee

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Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi (Shihr, Yemen)
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In a recent popular forum post at ıMeeting of Sheikh Rabee'a and Sheikh al-Wasaabee, may Allaah preserve them both ıon the 18th of Ramadhaan 1430 in Mecca ı, our brother Ahmad Ibn ıAhmad ıAlee wrote the following:ı

ıOn Yawn al-Arbaıa, the 18th day of Ramadhaan, 1430, the guiding ıscholar Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ıAbdul-Wahaab al-Wasaabee al-ııAbdaalee, may Allaah preserve him, visited the guiding scholar ıSheikh Rabeeıa Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee, may Allaah preserve him ıat his home in Mecca before salat ul-maghrib. As the esteemed ıbrother ıAbdul-Kareem al-Dowlah narrated:ı

In his home during a visit of a large group of students of knowledge ıfrom the people of the Sunnah from Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, ıYemen, and Saudi Arabia, while Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ıAbdul-ıWahaab al-Wasaabee was present  and sitting next to him- Sheikh ıRabeeıa stated:ı
ıThis is Sheikh al-Wasaabee from the senior scholars of Yemen and ıits callers.ıı

After this Sheikh Muhammad then simply made a short statement ıdue to the lack of time.ıı


Another brother Abu ıAbdullah Shareef Hamd narrated further down in the same forum post thread:ı

ıOn the 20th Day of Ramadhaan our sheikh and father, Sheikh ıRabeeıa (also within his home) presented Sheikh al-Wasaabee, may ıAllaah preserve both of them, to those attending in order for him to ıcomment on some of the verses of the Book of Allaah, the Most ıHigh the Most Exalted, being discussed in the lesson.

Sheikh al-ıWasaabee spoke and mentioned the issue of thankfulness towards ıAllaah for His blessings upon us in relation to the religion and ıworldly matters. Then our esteemed Sheikh Rabeeıa further ıcommented upon those verses being discussed. Indeed those who ıwere present benefited from the explanations given by both of ıthese scholars, may Allaah preserve them both.ı

By Allaah, certainly from the blessing of Allaah upon His worshiper ıis that He enables him to meet with the scholars and the senior ıpeople of knowledge and benefit from the advice and guidance that ıthey possess, may Allaah preserve and safeguard all of them.ı

As how many, how many people truly wish to have the opportunity ıto meet the scholars and sit at their knees taking from the guidance ıthey possess! Yet their circumstances prevent that...ı

Oh Allaah assist me upon remembering You, and being thankful to ıYou and being able to worship You properly and well...ıı

(End of quotations from forum thread)

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