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Numerous enquiries have been sent to us by e mail regarding the issue of traveling to the Gambia in order to seek `ilm with certain individuals teaching at the Talinding Arabic Institute. It has also reached us that these brothers are supposedly upon the Salafee manhaj ? khaalisan.

We take this as an opportunity to remind our brothers and sisters, for indeed reminders do benefit the believers, of the saying of the Imaam Muhammad ibn Sireen: ?This knowledge is the religion, so let each of you be careful as to whom he takes his religion from? [Related by Muslim no. 114]

The manhaj that we proceed upon when seeking to study from someone or indeed before having any kind of mu`aamalah with anyone is that we make imtihaan. We examine this individual as was the way of the Salaf. The Salaf would say: ?Before we would accept a hadeeth from any one, we would ask about them in such a degree that it would be asked whether we intended to marry this very individual to somebody?.

Regarding the brothers connected to the Tallinding Markaz, then it is known that they are Madiinah graduates. Jibriil Kujaabee graduated from the faculty of Da`wah in 1991. Dr Kaah has a doctorate from the faculty of Sharee`ah. `Abdullah Faatee is a graduate from the faculty of Da`wah. It is known that these brothers associate with one another.

It has however emanated that the above mentioned brothers have issues regarding their manhaj, that require a good deal of clarification. As such, one of them praises Sayyid Qutb and Hasan al Banna, and is yet to take his erroneous statements back.

Indeed praising Sayyid Qutb and his likes is a gross error in manhaj whether this be done by one who is aware of Qutb's misguidance or not. It is also known from them that they do not link the people with the `Ulemaa, as they themselves are not in touch with the scholars known for defending this methodology ? the likes of Shaykh Rabee? ibn Haadee, Shaykh `Ubayd and Shaykh Faalih. Certain situations have arisen here and we do not hear anyone of them quoting the words of the kibaar.

As for the manner that we proceed upon regarding any mu`aamalaat with Tallinding Markaz whether it be that we enlighten them regarding Qutb's errors and the affairs of the Salafee manhaj in general, then this is something to refer back to Ahlul `Ilm in order to benefit from their words of advice.

For the time being though, DAGambia has had no affairs with the brothers at Tallinding since the statements [about Qutb] emanated from them. This would be our stance until we receive word from Ahlul `Ilm. We are still awaiting brother Abu Hakeem Bilaal Daavis in our request of him to ask the likes of Shaykh Rabee` and Shaykh Ubayd regarding the situation.

We wish to further clarify, if the intention of one coming here [The Gambia] is to seek `ilm, then beware as there are no scholars here first and foremost. And secondly, we do not hear anybody here with a tazkiyah from any of Ahlul `ilm here. Thirdly, the efforts of Daarul Athaar at this present moment should not be misrepresented by some as being an organisation calling for people from other lands [i.e the West] to make Hijrah and seek `ilm under us. This is not the case as we are concerned with calling the Gambian people here to tawheed and the manhaj of the Salaf, the level of knowledge that we have with us at this present moment does not warrant us the authority to call people from any land to come and sit with us and benefit.

We clearly stated in our website that we are willing to assist those wishing to make Hijrah here. How do we do this? By providing the necessary info etc.

We do make an appeal to those who have a degree of `ilm [ as attested to by at least two tazkiyah from known Salafee individuals or Organisations ], to come and assist us in propagating this call.

(Narrated From Awn Ibn Abdullah who said: "I said to Umar ibn Abdul Azeez it is stated:

"If you are able, be a scholar and if you cannot be a scholar then be a student of knowledge and if you cannot be a student then love the students, and if you cann

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