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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Suddi narrated through Abu Saalih and Abu Maalik from Ibn Abbaas and Ibn Masud, and also from some other Companions who said:

Iblis (Satan) was expelled from Paradise and Adaam was made to dwell in it. He wandered through it alone as he had no partner in whom he could seek his comfort. However, once he slept and when he woke up, he found a woman sitting near his head, whom Allaah had created from his rib. Adam asked her: What are you? She replied: A woman. He asked her again: What are you created for? She answered: So you could seek comfort in me. Angels who were well aware of the extent of the knowledge of Adam asked: What is her name O Adaam? He said: Eve (Hawwa). They asked him: Why is it Hawwa? Adam replied: Because she was created from something living.

* Transcribed from: Stories of the Prophets (peace be upon them) || Ibn Kathir

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