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Abu abdir Razzaaq Amjad ibn Ayub (United Kingdom)
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Joined: Aug 2008


Pray you are all well and in the highest of Eemaan.

Manchester Tuition Centre has now opened and the aim behind the Centre is to help those families who have children, and:

- Either teach them at home
- Or send them to (state or private non-salafi) schools and want to take them out

We have rented out two building fronts, in chorlton, which has a total of 5 classrooms, and a reception area.

Currently we have Maths, English, Science and Arabic, for all ages up to 11+ (grammar school examination) and up to GCSE.

All teachers are fully qualified.

The maximum size of any class is 5 pupils (opposed to a school class of 20 minimum) and we group them by ability and not age.

Our full term lasts approx. 43 weeks and this year will continue up until the summer holidays.

Currently all our lessons are on the weekends.

The costs are low considering the time and attention the children will be receiving.  

Please see  

We hope that the brothers and sisters take advantage of this opportunity to educate and at the same time, safeguard their children and families.

You can take a look at the website here - or

Or you can make an appointment and come down and have a look.

Or for more details ring 07974-002-780.

BaarakAllaahu Feekum

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Abu abdir Razzaaq Amjad ibn Ayub (United Kingdom)
Posts: 66
Joined: Aug 2008
AsSalaamu Alaykum

Manchester Tuition Centre is actively recruiting teachers who are qualified to teach any of the following subjects Maths; English; Science for primary and secondary.

We need male and female teachers all applications please email

BaarakAllaahu feekum

was salaamu alaykum

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