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06-05-2003 @ 11:43 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Alhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa. Wa Ba'd:

Our latest registration period has now closed and we will not be taking more members until further notice. We would like to make a few points concerning some issues that have been raised:

1. It is not our goal whatsoever to make this board to appear to have a large membership and nor to make it appear the most active. Since boards are often difficult channels to administer, the initial membership limit was set to no more than 300 members by us. However, due to repeat requests from many people who did not make the  initial registration period we decided to increase that number and thus take on more members. We have therefore already passed our limits for this forum by a great deal. To this very day, we still have a huge backlog of requests. In the latest registration period, we tried to process limited new requests, and deal with some of the backlog.

2. A screening process has now been put in place, requiring that references be provided, before membership is issued. We are sorry if this offends anyone. However, this is necessary, for the following points:

     a) Discussion boards are a great responsibility in front of Allaah
     b) There are great harms that can result from them, but having said that, there can also be great benefits, and these benefits can be realised by having the proper procedures in place and enforced to ensure that these benefits can be brought about
     c) Without this process, and in the absence of tight adminstration and moderation, boards can just become platforms for the ignorant and the deviants to spread their ignorance or confusion or misguidance
     d) We have seen on some boards, where the administration is not tight and no screening process in place that members, whether intentionally or otherwise, have spread confusion, or have passed on misconceptions, or have aided in the spreading of doubts, and this can be considered to be "opening the door to evil", again a burden that forum owners have to bear

Every member is only responsible for what they themselves as individuals post on this board with one exception - the maintainers of this board. We are responsible for EVERY post on this forum, whereas you, member or potential member are not. For this reason, we hope that anyone who had any issues with the new policy of screening membership requests will understand why this has been put in place.

Finally, if a non-member awaiting membership has something urgent to ask, or needs access, via any of the existing members, to the people of knowledge, then they can send a private email to the admins at who will then deal with it appropriately. For existing members, please note that our policy of the prohibition of posting on behalf of non-members is still in place.

SalafiTalk.Net Admin

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