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08-05-2003 @ 2:31 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Alhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa. Wa Ba'd:

To keep this forum robust and its database to a minimal size we make the following requests from members:

1. When posting content from other sites, then please avoid copy and pasting the whole article. Simply quote a paragraph or two, or even just a description of the content, and then place a link to it. This applies more so when the content is found on authentic Salafee sites, be they in Arabic or English. Please avoid copying and pasting articles. We do not wish for a reproduction of Sabeel ul-Mumayyi'een, the goal of which was just to have the largest collection of copy and paste jobs in a single location. This is such a waste of time and resources.

2. Please avoid posting lengthy articles in Arabic text, when they can just as equally be linked to if they are from authentic Salafee sites such as Sahab.Net and AnaSalafi.Net.

3. We encourage the use of this forum for: a) general discussion b) translation or transcription of statements of the Scholars as they are issued and published in Arabic sources, and as they relate to contemporary issues c) clarifications and refutations d) sharing of information e) advice and admonition and so on. We discourage copying and pasting content, unless it becomes relevant within the context of the discussion. And even then, if this content is found on other authentic Salafee websites, it should be linked to and not reproduced in full.

This is what we can think of right now, and this post maybe updated with further guidelines.

SalafiTalk.Net Admin

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