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23-04-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Joined: Apr 2003
Bismillah walHamdulillah  wa Salaatu wa Salaam ala Rasoolullah

Can anyone give me information regarding the origin of the candlelight vigil. I need it to establish the proof upon the Muslims who fall into this by way of the baatil dawah they call 'interfaith dialogue'. My research has led me to the Druze in Ireland who used to use straw burning on top of sticks to chase away ghouls and hobgoblins.  
Jazakallahu khairan

Abu Hafs Bilaal

24-04-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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As sallam ulaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

The Druze are a baatini sect based in Syria and Lebanon whose origin goes back to their deification of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Haakim Bi-Amrillah.

What I think you meant to say, ya akhee kareem, was the celtic pagan DRUIDS of Ireland and not the baatini pagan Druze!!!  


Abu Yusuf, Sagheer

06-05-2003 @ 3:57 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Posts: 45
Joined: Apr 2003
as salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu
My dear respected brother Abu Yusuf, Sagheer
I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your correction. Indeed it was the druids that i was researching in regards to fire worship. Barakallahu fiqum

wa salaamu alaikum
abu hafs bilaal as salafi

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