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» This knowledge of Hadeeth is serious .An Encouragement By Brother Mustafa George DeBerry
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Posted By Topic: This knowledge of Hadeeth is serious .An Encouragement By Brother Mustafa George DeBerry

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UmmHaarith Bint Hasheem Ismaeel Ibn Ahmad Khan (Birmingham)
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This knowledge of Hadeeth is serious

As An Encouragement, There Is One Statement Of One Of The Salaf, Pertaining To Seeking Ilm Of Hadeeth And It Would Be An Encouragement For Us To Give It Our Time.
By Brother Mustafa George DeBerry.(Jan 2011)

Ya Ikhwaan Ya Akhwaathy  keep in mind!

     This knowledge of Hadeeth is serious, some of us might say it is not something tangible or it is not something that a person can spend his time and the like of it. If the scholars of Hadeeth did not sit down and study and dissect this affair of knowledge of hadeeth we would not have the authentic Sunnah of the Prophe - Sallallau alayhi wasallam - today, because of that seriousness you have the statements of Sufyaan At Thawree ŭ Rahimahullaah - as was mentioned by Imaam Ibn  Askaree. In title Dimishq on the authority of Sufyaan at Thawree the Imaam, he said:

Maŭarufu Shaiyaan afdhalul min Thaalibal Hadeeth idha ureedha bihi wajhu llaah.

Sufyaan At Thawree said: I do not know anything better then learning and studying hadeeth for the person who does so for the Face of Allaah.

As it was mentioned on the authority of Imaam Shafŭee Muhammad Bin Idriss - Imaam Ad Dhaabee mentions Rahimahullaah - as it in siyr alamaa Nubalaa, that Imaam Shafŭee Muhammad Ibn Idriss ŭ Rahimahullaah - he said:

Qiraatun Hadeethi kheiroon min salaath tha tau wah. Reading hadeeth is better than supererogatory prayers.
Therefore, the reality is, in these affairs of hadeeth and isnaad and you know we can go on with the statement of the Salaf of the importance of this. The only reason I mention this is that the individuals do not become bored and lose the zeal and motivation of learning this knowledge of hadeeth, thinking it is too difficult. This was the Ilm, which the Salaf realized the importance of and because of that, we have, Allaah - Azza wa Jal - has preserved the Sunnah Of Prophet - sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

And the statement of Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taiymmiyah, Majm ŭoo he said

Ilmul Isnaad wa riwaya mimma Khasa Allaahu bihi Ummatin Muhammadin sallallahu alayhi wasallam

The knowledge of Isnaad and Narrations, is that which Allaah - Tabarakta wa ta ala - have specifically favored the Ummah , the followers of Muhammad-  sallallahu alahy wasallam

Wa Ja alahu Sileman illa Dirayah.

And Allaah - tabarakta wa taŭala - has made yani the knowledge of Isnaad the knowledge of hadeeth Allaah - Azza wa Jal - has made it in  steps to its  understanding, steps to comprehension, and comprehending what? The Sunnah.

Fa Ahlul Kitabi la Isnada Lahum yaŭfiroona bihi ala Mamqulaath

He said the people of the Book Jews and Christians, they have no Isnaad, so that they can refer back to , to distinguish between their Narrations

Waha Kadha Mubtadŭeeŭoun min haadihi Ummah ahlul Dhalalat

Likewise the people of Innovations of this Ummah, they have no Isnaad.

Wa Inamal Isnadu liman Aŭadhama Allahu alaiyhi Mina ahlal Islaami Wa Sunnah.

Verily the Isnaad is for the people that Allaah has given tremendous bounties, the knowledge of Isnaad the knowledge of Hadeeth. This is for the people that Allaah has given tremendous bounties, the people of Islaam , the people of the Sunnah.

As an Encouragement there  is one statement of  one of the Salaf , pertaining to seeking Ilm Of Hadeeth  and it would be an encouragement for us to give it our time, and you might have some individuals yani, there is no doubt we going to go more in to the etiquettes of the knowledge, the etiquettes of teacher, the etiquettes of writing the etiquettes of listening and going to go in to it, more (later). But at times an individual might say or might feel this is too much, this itŭs over my head am not benefiting from this so much and the like of that.

We say one statement before we go to the statement of Ibn Jawzee - Rahimahullaah taŭala - and I heard this from one of my scholars,  and it was that an individual mentioned that am studying  and am not getting much and am not memorizing much and the scholars responded with one statement, he said:

Does it not suffice you the statement of the Prophet - sallallahu alayhi wasallam -

Man  salakha  tareekan yamtahmisoo fihi Ilmaan SubhanaAllaahu bihi Tareekan Ilal Janaah

Whoever trades a path to seeking knowledge, Allaah will make easy for him the path to Paradise. Does that not suffice you?

There is no doubt we all want to memorize and we all want to increase in knowledge, Imaan, and Taqwa. But if you find yourself  not increasing in knowledge, for one , maybe there is something youŭre doing that is wrong, and we can work on that, but the reality is you cannot go wrong, yani, your seeking knowledge your studying, you are trying to memorize, you are reading the Quraan and you are reading this Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad - sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that is sufficient enough for you , that Allaah Azza Wa Jal to make your path easy to Janaah as long as your intention is correct, so within that which you are doing , in itself itŭs Baraka, tremendous  blessings and we have mentioned the statement of Sufyaan At Thawree and We mentioned the statement of Imaam As Shafŭee, as one of the statements of Imaam Ahmad - Rahimahullaah taŭala -

There is nothing that can compare in terms of rewarding and the like of that to knowledge.

And the statement of Ibn Qayyim Al Jawzee - Rahimahullaah taŭala - mentions that knowledge is on the levels of Jihad, and he mentioned the statement  Ibn Abdul Barr ŭ Rahimahullaah-, that anyone who thinks that knowledge is not on the level of Jihad there is something wrong with his Intellect, so Subhanaa Allaah , A person is sitting in the comfort of his home, listening and trying to take notes , trying to memorize even if he is gaining little is it not sufficient enough that Allaah will make easy for you the path to Janaah, is it not sufficient enough that

Innal Ajnihaa  Inaal Malaaika lathabaŭaaajnihaata li thaalibil ilm ridhaan Liman Yasna,

Is it not sufficient the hadeeth of the Prophet - Sallallahu alayhi wasallam - said,  ŭVerily the angels lower their wings to honor the student of knowledge.ŭ
But with that being the case, at times we need to mention an encouragement you have the statement of Ibn Jawzy Not Ibn Qayyim Al Jawze- Rahimahullaah-, but Ibn Jawzy  Aboo Farajh - Rahimahullaah - before Ibn Qayyim

Ibn Jawzy he mentioned: Ta ŭamaltoo Ajabaan. He said, ŭI reflected upon something and I found it to be amazing.ŭ

Wa huwa ana kula Shaaieyn  nafisaan, Khatheeraah yathuloo Thareeqoohu

He said:  ŭI contemplated and I found  it to be amazing, and that  is everything which is precious (Dangerously Precious), it takes a long time to obtain anything that is Nafiees Khatheer, dangerously precious, it takes a long time to obtain it , itŭs difficult to obtain.ŭ

Wa Yukfiroo Tha aab fi  Thahseelihee: and it would be tiring to gain

Fainal ŭIlma, lama kana ashrafaal Ashieŭya lam  yahsul aw walam yuhasil ila bithaŭaabe bi Sahree wa Thikraree wa Hajran man ladaath wa raha,

He said: When knowledge ( the knowledge of Allaah Azza Wa Jal and The Qur aan and Sunnah) was the best of things, the highest of Affairs, because it being the best it is not obtained except through difficulties and remaining awake at night times (losing sleep) and repeating , repetition, abstaining from  that which is desired and the comfort .

Hata Qalu Baŭada fuqhaa, even the scholars have said: Baqeetu Sineen,ashtahee al Harisaa.

Some of the scholars said, ŭI have remained for years and I have wanted this Harisa,ŭ If am not mistaken itŭs a form of food that takes time to make.

Baqeeto Sineen Ashtahee al harisa fala aqdiroo alaiyhaa

I have remained for years and I have wanted this Harisa I was not able to eat it.

La ana waqtaha, waqth Samaŭ Dars

Because the time that takes to make this form of food, is the time that I need to be in my lessons.

So with that being the case understand something!

As it was mentioned by Imaam Muslim,: Muqadimaa la yusthataŭa al ilm bi raha til Jisum.

You will never be able to obtain knowledge if you relax.

Therefore, knowledge is something, which takes time, so please keep in mind my brothers and sisters, once again like we said and we will always say this insha Allaah taŭala.

If the Salaf , from amongst them the Sahaba, and those who came after them, if they treated knowledge with relaxation and taking the time and not having the zeal and diligence  and a strict commitment, then the knowledge would never have reached us , with that being said , do we expect that the knowledge to  reach our grandchildren the coming generations? If we ourselves donŭt preserve it , if we ourselves donŭt memorize it, if we ourselves donŭt distribute it and protect it, itŭs upon us to be very serious with this knowledge, and to take our time to learn it, to read it , to be diligent, to be committed, and we do it with our families our children, Neighbors  and with our friends, and Bidhinillaah taŭala, Allaah Azza Wa jal will change the affairs of the Muslim Ummaah

As itŭs been mentioned by Imaam Maalik bin Anas - Rahimahullaah taŭala-.

That the later part of the Ummah will not be corrected except with that which, the earlier part of the Ummah was corrected with.

Allaah Knows best

Wa sallallahu Salaam Mubarak ala nabiyoona Muhammad wa ala ŭaleehi wa sahbihee, wa salam , sallam Katheeran

Extracted From Reading from the Book of Knowledge Saheeh al Bukhari (3)

Given By Mustafa George DeBerry

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