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25-06-2003 @ 5:46 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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salaam alaykum

the following situation happend to a sister recently and she was distressed and concerned whether the incident was halaal or haraam, when i was informed about it i didnt know what to say so i ask the forum memebers to advise me and the individuals involved (im not posting on behalf of non-members) barakallaahu feek:

the incident:

sister who has recently started practising, climbed on board to a public bus. as she got on she saw that two teenage brothers was staring at her,(sister does not wear a niqaab) she looks away angrilly and sits away from them. the younger of the two approaches her and asks her "Are you married?"

to which she didnt know what to say but the truth, so she replied in the negative, "no" or "no im not married".

he then asked if she was looking to get married, she replied "no not yet"

so he repeated "no not yet" and then sat back with his companion.

a short time later they both got off the bus and through out that time she was in a worried state.

she described the brotehrs as being aged around 15-17 the younger of the two. and the older/elder of them around 18-20.

please advise us sincerely and point out specifically anything that applies to the individuals

waiting to hear from the forum soon

Abu Yaqoob

(wasnt sure to post in council form)

[edited to remove unnecessary details]

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