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Posted By Topic: Recitation of Soorah Al-Faatihah

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Assalamu Alaikum:

I am aware that there exists a difference of opinion regarding reciting soorah al-faatihah behind the Imaam in the two units of prayer that are recited out loud for fajr, maghrib, and Isha.

The strongest opinion seems to be found in the following hadith:

Ubaadah Ibn Saamit (radi-Allaahu ?anhu) narrates:

?The Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) prayed the morning prayer and the recitation became difficult for him. After completing the prayer he said, ?I notice that you recite (the Qur?aan) behind the Imaam.? Ubaadah said, ?We replied O Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) we swear by Allaah we recite.? He (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) replied, ?Do not do this (recite the Qur?aan) behind me, except the Mother of the Book (i.e. Soorah al-Faatihah) because there is no prayer for the one who does not recite it.? Sunan Abu Daawood (1/126)

According to this hadith the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) exempted the recitation of soorah al-Faatihah from the prohibition of reciting the Quran behind the Imaam. So what I understand is that it is permitted to recite soorah al-Fatihah behind the Imaam, even in the load prayers because the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) was praying Fajr and he (sal-Allaahu ?alayhe wa sallam) did not distinguish between silent and load prayers for the allowance of reciting al-Faatihah. Is this a correct interpretation of the hadith? Does anyone have more stronger evidence against reciting al-Faatihah in load prayers? Jazak Allahu Khairan for any info.

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Note: The hadith mentioned in the above post was abrogated

From The Prophet's Prayer

The Abrogation of Recitation behind the Imaam in the Loud Prayers

He had given permission for those being led by the Imaam to recite Soorah al-Faatihah in the loud prayers, when once:

"he was praying Fajr and the recitation became difficult for him. When he finished, he said: Perhaps you recite behind your imaam. We said: "Yes, quickly, O Messenger of Allaah." He said: Do not do so, except for [each of you reciting] the opening chapter of the Book, for the prayer is not valid of the one who does not recite it.

Later, he forbade them from reciting in the loud prayers at all, when:

"He finished a prayer in which he was reciting loudly (in one narration: it was the dawn prayer) and said: Were any of you reciting with me just now?! A man said: "Yes, I was, O Messenger of Allaah". He said: I say, why am I contended with? [Abu Hurairah said:] So the people stopped reciting with the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) when he was reciting loudly after hearing that from him [but they recited to themselves quietly when the imaam was not reciting loudly]."
He also made silence during the imaam's recitation part of the completeness of following the imaam, saying: The imaam is there to be followed, so when he says takbeer, say takbeer, and when he recites, be silent, just as he made listening to the imaam's recitation enough to not have to recite behind him, saying: He who has an imaam, then the recitation of the imaam is recitation for him - this applying in the loud prayers.

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