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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Attached is the flyer for a conference where Dr. Naik is going to be the chief guest. It also has the names of some of the confirmed speakers at the conference.

May Allah guide all these speakers and Dr. Naik to the correct manhaj. Aameen.

Attached FileJuly_conference.JPG (112 Kbytes)

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Urdu Peace TV launched!

Please see the attached screenshot from their official website which gives names of some of "their speakers". I have also mentioned the affiliations of some of these speakers which I got from the official websites of Peace TV Urdu, Jamat-e-Islami and other websites.

There is another screenshot from the official Peace Conference website which has names of some of the speakers at the 2008 Peace Conference organized by Dr. Naik and his organization IRF with the affiliations of those speakers.

Following are links to the refutations of individuals and organizations mentioned on the screenshots

Refutation of Deobandis -

Refutation of Dr. Israr Ahmed -

Refutation of Maududi, the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami - and

Refutation of Zafar ul Hasan Madni -

Jamiat Ahl-Hadees (Hind) -

Some Muslims assume that Salafees refute Dr. Zakir Naik only because he doesn't use the "label" of 'Salafi' or 'Ahlul Hadeeth' but in reality he is really following Qur'an and authentic Ahadeeth and is a good Muslim. We advise these Muslims, may Allah bless them, to read refutations of the individuals and parties mentioned above and then contemplate - will any Muslim who truely has love for the deen allow misguided sects & individuals like Deobandis, Jamaat-e-Islami, etc. to use his platform? Please contemplate on the quotes of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Salaf rahimahumullah found here

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
Attached screenshot is from the official website of Peace Conference 2009 which is going to be held in a few months from now in India. Below are some of the invited speakers with the links to their refutations:-

Abu Usaamah adh-Dhahabi -

al-Munajjid (see note below) -

Yahya Ibrahim -

Abdur Raheem Green -

Saeed Rageah -

Yusuf Estes -

Yasir Qadhi -

Bilal Philips -

Suhaib Webb, Saeed Rageah & Yasir Qadhi  -

Haitham Haddad, Suhaib Webb, Yasir Qadhi, Abdur Raheem Green, etc. -

May Allah have mercy on the Indian Muslims and the Muslims all over the world. Aameen.


Note: The following is Edited on 13 Oct 2009

It seems from the latest list of speakers that al-Munajjid and Suhaib Webb are no longer scheduled to speak. Alhamdulillah!

However, here are the links to errors of 2 more speakers scheduled to speak at the conference.

Salem Al Aamri - and

Hussain Yee - and

May Allah guide the Indian Muslims and these speakers to the correct manhaj. Aameen.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Joined: Jul 2005
Attached screenshot is from the official website of Dr. Zakir Naik's IRF. It is a brief biography of one of IRF's Orator named Athar Khan who is a "student" of Dr. Naik.

Allahul Musta'an. Are Mr. Deedat rahimahullah and Dr. Naik "Scholars"? Sometime back Dr. Naik used to refer to himself as "Student of Comparative religion". Sometimes he refers to himself as "Student of Knowledge". Sometimes he is referred as "Orator". Sometimes he is referred as "Allaamatul Muslimeen" by some of his supporters. And now "World Renowned Scholar"!

May Allah guide these "Orators" to the correct manhaj and guide those who support them or listen to their lectures. Aameen.

Attached FileAreTheseScholars.JPG (111 Kbytes)

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Joined: Jul 2005
What is the need to stock cassettes of Qasida Burdah-translator Mr. Hamza Yusuf? Isn't he a sufi having aqeedah of shirk?

Here are some threads which refute Hamza Yusuf and prove his serious errors.

Qaadee Abu Ya'laa (d. 333H) said: "There is consensus (Ijma') among the Sahaabah and the Taabi'een as regards dissociating and cutting-off from the Innovators." Hajar ul-Mubtadi' (p.32)

Imaam al-Baghawee (d. 535H) said: "And the Sahaabah, the Taabi'een, their successors and the Scholars of the Sunnah passed away while they were upon this, united and unanimously agreed upon having enmity towards the Ahl ul-Bid'ah (the People of Innovation) and fleeing from them." Sharh us-Sunnah (1/227)

I hope those who still support Dr. Naik and his organization will compare how the Sahabah, Tabi'een and the Scholars throughout the ages have dissociated from the Innovators while Dr. Naik mixes with the deviant sects, parties and individuals.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
In the "Peace Conference" that is being organized by Dr. Zakir Naik, there will be Anasheed sung by Zain Bhikha and Abdullah Rolle. See attached screenshots from Peace Conference website which gives short biographies of these nasheed singers.

Please click here to read what the Scholars have said regarding Anasheed and their harms.

The other screenshot is regarding IRF's ladies wing. What exactly is an 'Islamic' skit? What are 'Islamic' songs? Are debates, "Islamic" songs & "Islamic" skits from the means of Islamic Da'wah?

In general, these are the means of the Ikhwani Da'wah.

Please click [url=]here[/url] to read the rulings regarding debating.

[url=]Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan hafidhahullah[/url] mentioned (translated by Br. Moosaa Richardson), "Acting in plays is from the avenues of false talk that have been introduced to the Muslim lands.  It is not permissible to take part in them nor to occupy oneself with them.  In them are lies and contradictions to reality. The actors degrade respected personalities that they pretend to be. There is also in them an imitation of the disbelieving celebrities as well.  There are a number of other dangers.

Some of the mashaayikh have written about this, may Allaah reward them well.  They have written valuable books personifying their harms and warning from them, like what the virtuous shaykh, Dr. Bakr Aboo Zayd wrote, and like what the virtuous shaykh 'Abdus-Salaam ibn Burjis Aali 'Abdil-Kareem wrote, and like what the shaykh Hamood At-Tuwayjiree wrote.  So reveiw them and what is found in them regarding the benefits (of plays and fictional stories), since the real harms that result from them are many times more.  And preventing harm takes a precedence over gaining benefit. - Al-Muntaqaa (2/222).

At the Peace Conference event in 2007, kids including Dr. Zakir Naik's son Fariq Naik, were mimicking the speakers at that event like Dr. Bilal Philips, Abdur Raheem Green, etc.

When [url=]Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee hafidhahullah[/url] was asked the question, "When does a man become a Hizbee (partisan)?", the Shaykh gave a few points and one of the points was "Their love for Nasheeds and skits and defending it and its people to their utmost." (

Click [url=]here[/url] for more on Music, songs, etc.

May Allah protect the Muslims from misguidance and may He guide the organizers of this conference.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
Please click here for a flyer showing Dr. Naik as a confirmed speaker at an event with [url=]Hizb-ut-Tahrir's[/url] Dr. Imran Waheed. In the list of speakers who were invited but who didn't confirm there's [url=]Dr. al-Qardawi[/url], [url=]Habib Ali Jifri[/url] and others.

Just to put this in perspective, in this year's "2nd International Muslim Unity Convention" which is going to be held on 15th and 16th December, the invited speakers are:-

[url=]Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti[/url]
[url=]Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani[/url] - the [url=]Deobandi[/url]
[url=]Al Habib Ali Al Jifri[/url]
[url=]Salman al-Oudah[/url]
Ahmad Nisar Baig Qadiri
Sayid Hassan Al-Qazwini - Ithna 'ashari Shia Imam based in Detroit, Michigan

Attached screenshot is from the official website of the organizers of these conferences. It gives testimony of Dr. Zakir Naik for the "efforts" of this organization.

Is the unity between Ahlus Sunnah and these misguided sects like Shia, extreme Sufees, hizb ut tahrir, etc. possible? Was this the manhaj of the Salaf?

May Allah guide all these speakers and us to the correct manhaj of uniting upon the Sunnah and not upon falsehood. Aameen.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
Here are other threads on this forum which refute various errors of Dr. Naik (may Allah guide us and him) in aqeedah and manhaj.

Zakir Naik - Al-Qur'aan And Aqeedah Of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jama'aah
[url=]Zakir Naik - Ibn Seena And Jarh Of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jam'aah[/url]
[url=]Zakir Naik - Hindu Mushrikeen And Aqeedah Of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jam'aah[/url]
[url=]Zakir Naik Exposes His Manhaj[/url]
[url=]Zakir Naik - Al-Hur Al-A'in And Aqeedah Of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal-Jam'aah[/url]
[url=] Zakir Naik King Of Limbs And Aqeedah Of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jamaa'ah[/url]
[url=]Names of Allah are Touqifiyyah[/url]
[url=]Fatal errors and flagrant false beliefs in the Translation of the Qur'an by Muhammad Asad[/url]
[url=]Reading the Gospels[/url]
[url=]Allah has a Soorah (image/form)[/url]
[url=]Mistakes in a new Qur'an translation supported by Dr. Zakir Naik[/url]

01-11-2009 @ 3:32 AM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
A couple of more threads...

Shaikh Yahyaa's reply to 30 Questions on Zakir Naik
[url=]Dr.Zakir Naik Is JAAHIL !! Shaykh Abu Amr al Hajooree[/url]

07-11-2009 @ 4:39 AM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
The attachment has the screenshots from IRF's website where they have displayed pictures of non-Muslim's idols. This is in direct opposition to what the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi-wasallam) said, "Do not leave any image, but [instead] efface it." (Sahih Muslim) Note that the effacement of these idols is done by me in the attached screenshots.

Also please read the article The Origins of Shirk.

Attached (338 Kbytes)

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ibn Ahmad Maher ibn Ahmad (U.S.A.)
Posts: 950
Joined: Nov 2006
Bismillaah al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu 'ala rasulullaah

Amma ba'd

May Allaah reward you, Sajid, for recommending that article "Two Ways to Know the Creator" from the words of Ibn al-Qayyim.

Just recently, a visitor from Falastine whom had with him many doubts - borrowing from the deviant 'aqidah of the Khawarij, Ikhwanul Muslimeen, Hammas, Mu`tazila - interupted a conversation regarding Tawheed and Shirk a few Salafis were having by asking the same innovative question that the deviant Az-Zindani and his likes ask.

He was informed this was bid'ah, his doubts were replaced with truth, he was directed to Shaikh Hishaam Al 'Aarif when he returns to Falastin, and all Praise is due to Allaah.

Al-Hamdulillaah, All Praise is due to Allaah, Who saves from doubts those amongst His slaves He chooses.

This article is highly beneficial.

Al-Hamdulillaah! Al-Hamdulillaah! Al-Hamdulillaah!

Subhanak Allaahuma wa bihamdika ash-hadu anlaa illaaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk  

If I said anything correct, then it is from Allaah (subhanahu wa taa'ala), and if I erred, then that is from me and shaytan.  

21-03-2011 @ 8:20 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm Musa bint Muhammad (New York)
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Joined: Sep 2008
it has recently come to my attention (sorry if this was mentioned already) that he did a talk on similarities between Hinduism and Islam...

that's equivalent to saying "the similarities between tawheed and shirk"!!!

wal e'aadhubillaah!

may allah guide us all to worshiping Him alone with no partners, ameen

ام موسى سعدية

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