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Posted By Topic: The meat of The Jews and The Christians and the ruling surrounding it Part 2

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Sheikh Salih Al Fawzan said

"It is possible for us to categorize the meat which is imported into our country (Saudi Arabia) from the people of The Book into three categories:

The first category:

What is known to have been slaughtered in accordance to The Islamic Shariah.

The second category:

What is known to have been slaughtered upon a manner other than that prescribed in The Islamic Shariah  

The third category:

That which is unknown as to how its slaughtering was performed.

So; as for the first category, then the meat is permissible by total consensus

As for the second category, then some of the "scholars have indeed given a verdict of it being halal, using as a proof for this the saying of The Most High:

{This day we have made lawful to you all types of good (food) and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you just like your food is lawful for them}?.

Al Maaidah 5/5

Al-Qaadhi Ibn Al-Arabee Al-Maalikee said in his book "Ahkaam Al-Qur?aan" regarding the explanation of this verse as occurs in its text:

"this is a definitive proof that the game of the hunterand the food of those that were given The Book is from the "tayyibaat" (good things) which Allaah the most high has allowed; and it is halal in the absolute?I was asked regarding a Christian who twisted the neck of a chicken and then cooked it, as to whether it is to be eaten( from him,) and can it be taken as
the food of the people of The Book?? so I said ?it can be eaten ? because it is his food and the food of his Priests and his Monks. Even if it be that this is not from the method of slaughtering which is carried out by us (the Muslims) ? however Allaah the most high has made it allowable for us to eat their food unrestrictedly, so all which they hold in their Religion to be halaal  then it is halal for us except in that which Allaah has declared their lies regarding."

Indeed Sheikh Muhammad Abduhu relied on this fatwa and so made this type of slaughtering allowable in his verdicts for Transfaali where he said as occurs in its text:

"then regarding the slaughtering (of the people of the book); then that which I see is that the Muslims should take in that regard the text of The Book of Allaah The Most High in His saying:

{This day we have made lawful to you all types of good (food) and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you just like your food is lawful for them}?.

Al Maaidah 5/5

Also that they should rely upon what was said by the illustrious Imam Aboo Bakr bin Al-?Arabee Al-Maalikee in that he said the issue revolved around what is slaughtered and eaten by the people of The Book from their priests and their general folk is considered in general as their food.?

This fatwa caused a great outcry amongst the Scholars in that time between those that rejected it and those that supported it. From those who supported it and promoted it was his student Muhammad Rasheed Ridhaa. He gave a lengthy speech in backing it and defending it in the magazine "Al-Manaar" and in Tafseer Al-Manaar.

The reply to this fatwa is from many aspects:

Firstly: that Ibn Al-Arabee has contradicted his very own fatwa in another place in his Tafseer whereupon he said:

((If it is said that whatever is eaten upon a method other than the correct method of  slaughtering such as strangulation or to crack the skull; then the reply is this meat take the ruling of dead animal ? and this is haram due to the various texts. So whether they (The Jews or The Christians) eat it or not we shall not eat it because it is  like unto the pig, for it is halaal for them (as they say) and it is from their food but it is haram for us.))

So his speech here is clear in that he sees the forbiddance in what has been slaughtered by a method other than the shariah of Islam such as strangulation, cracking the skull or other than this. There is no doubt that he sees the twisting of the neck and strangulation to be forbidden for us ? even if they themselves eat it and consider it a means of food for themselves.


The intent behind the meat of The People of The Book is that meat which is slaughtered upon the same conditions prescribed within The Islamic Shariah. If a Jew or a Christian slaughters in a way which contradicts The Islamic Shariah, then it is not considered permissible. This is because the goal of the meat of the Jew and the Christian must be like the slaughtered meat of the Muslim. If a Muslim was to slaughter in a way which contradicted The Islamic Shriah then the meat would not be permissible. (With this being the case) Then it goes without saying that the meat of the Jew and Christians which is not slaughtered according to The Islamic Shariah is also without doubt impermissible.
How could it be justified to be so strict and stern upon the Muslims (regarding their meat being slaughtered according to The Islamic Shariah) but so easy going upon the non believing Jew and Christian when the Muslim is higher in rank (with Allah) than the non believers!!!!


From that which has been excluded (for consumption by the Muslim) from the food of people of The Book is that which they themselves have made permissible such as pork. From those things is the meat slaughtered in opposition to The Islamic Shariah.


Slaughtering by breaking the neck falls into strangulation and that which is slaughtered, by the strike of an axe a fatal blow or similar then Allah the most high has made strangulation and slaughtering with a fatal blow haram when He the most high said

?We have made haram for you dead meat, (the drinking of) blood, the flesh of the pig, and anything slaughtered for other than Allah, and animal slaughtered by strangulation and by a fatal blow....?

So this verse clarifies and makes clear the verse where Allah the most high says

{ and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you}?.
Al Maaidah 5/5


That which is slaughtered in opposition to The Islamic Shareah loses the benefits derived from correctly slaughtered animals such as
the correct removal of the blood and the purification of the meat (by mentioning Allah?s name upon it).

This is why we do not only look towards the person who is slaughtering, but rather we look towards the slaughterer and the way in which he slaughters. So for example if there was placed in front of us two incorrectly slaughtered animals. The first slaughtered by a Muslim and the second slaughtered by a Jew or a Christian how could we rule the meat of the Muslim to be haram but the meat of the Jew or the Christian to be halal??!!! In this predicament we would have raised the nobility of the non-believing Jew or Christian above the Muslim???!!!!

As for the third category, that meat which has been imported but we are unsure as to how it was slaughtered, then the scholars in our time have differed regarding it and have with them two positions

The first position is permissibility based upon the verse where Allah the most high says

{This day we have made lawful to you all types of good (food) and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you just like your food is lawful for them}?.

Al Maaidah 5/5

So the origin of this meat is permissibility unless we know that the meat was not slaughtered according to The Islamic Shareah . We have written for us in the magazine produced by the Islamic University of Madina a fatwa from the Noble Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ibn Bazz (may Allah have mercy upon him) upon this topic and this is the text

{This day we have made lawful to you all types of good (food) and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you just like your food is lawful for them}?.
This verse from the Quran clarifies to us that the food of the Jews and Christians is permissible for us except that we know that they slaughter the animal in opposition to The Islamic Shariah. For instance by strangulation, electrocution, a blow to the head or similar to this, then this would be haram upon us like how it would be haram upon us to consume the meat slaughtered in this way by a Muslim. As for the meat which comes from them in which we have no idea how it was slaughtered then this meat is halal for us based upon the verse from sura Al Maidah 5.......

Magazine printed dhu hijat 1395 pg156

The second position is the meat becomes haram because the origin of animals is Haram and it is not made halal until we are certain it has been slaughtered according to The Islamic Shariah which will change it from it being haram to it being halal. If there remains doubt as to whether the meat was slaughtered upon The Islamic Shariah then it remains haram.
For this position we have the fatwa from the head of the higher committee of judges in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Shaykh Abdulla Ibn Muhammad Ibn Humaayd on this question

What is the ruling on the meat imported into our country weather it is tined meat or other than that? That which we see in abundance nowadays in our cities, villages and amongst our families. There is no house except that you will find these foods present in them. Is the origin permissibility or should we stay away from consuming it? We hope you can clarify in details and may Allah reward you.

..............It is not permissible to eat any meat except after clarifying the meat had being slaughtered by those who are competent (religiously) to slaughter. This is because Allah the most high has made it haram for us to eat dead animals, blood, pork, and that which is slaughtered for other than Allah. He the most high has also made slaughtering by strangulation or a violent blow or by a headlong fall or by goring of horns or that which is partly eaten by a wild animal. All of this point toward the origin of animals is them being haram unless they are slaughtered correctly by a Muslim, Jew or a Christian.....

Al At imah pg 159

Abu Junaide Yusuf (Birmingham, UK)

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Eating the Meat of Ahl Al-Kitaab (Jews Christians)
Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen (Rahimahullaah)

Q. Is it permissible to eat poultry which is sold in the markets on the
basis that it is meat of the People of the Book...or is it impermissible on
the basis that it is a carcass slaughtered by unknown means i.e. was it done
by cutting off the head or electrocution or some such means... and are the
Ahl-Kitaab today truly to be considered in this ruling [as those of the

A. Yes, eating the poultry is permissible because that which is slaughtered
by the Ahl Al-Kitaab today is just as what was slaughtered by Ahl Al-Kitaab
in the time of the Prophet (sallallaahu řalayhi wa sallam). The Ahl Al-Kitaab are of the Kuffaar
(disbelievers) whether they are in the time of the Prophet (saaws) or now.
Allah says in His Noble Book They have certainly disbelieved who say that
Verily Allah is Isa Ibn Maryam and the Messiah said "O Children of Israel
worship Allah my Lord and your Lord Verily whosoever commits shirk
(associates partners with Allah in any way) Allah has made the Paradise
forbidden to him and his end will be the Hellfire and there will be no help
to the Dhaalimeen. They have certainly disbelieved who say that Allah is the
third of three and there is no deity except the single Deity and if they do
not desist from what they are saying We will inflict upon those disbelievers
a painful punishment.

Allah also says in the same chapter: "Today I have made permissible for you
that which is good and wholesome and the food of those who were sent the
Scripture is permissible to you and your food is permissible to them."

As far as the methodology of the slaughtering we do not inquire about the
method because if an action has occurred min ahlihi [at the hands of those
suited to perform such an act] the conditions surrounding that act are not
asked about.

We find in Saheeh Al-Bukhari: "It is related by Aisha (raa) that a group of
people said to the Prophet (sallallaahu řalayhi wa sallam) 'Some people came to us with some meat
about which we didn't know whether the name of Allah was mentioned over or
not' and he replied (saaws) Sammoo [Say the name of Allah] over it
yourselves and then eat. She [Aisha - raa] said that these people had just
recently been from the Kuffaar [i.e. just became Muslim and the question was
not asked as to the method of slaughter].

This rule therefore applies to the Jews and the Christians about whom we
don't know whether or not they have mentioned Allah's name or not because
their slaughtered meat is halal [permissible] to us.

Q. Please clarify the fatwa - esteemed Sheikh - If a Muslim goes to the
markets and eating places in a Christian land and purchases the lamb, beef,
of chicken and does not ask about how it was slaughtered?

A. Yes, he does not ask about the method of slaughter.

Q. What if he is informed however that the meat has been stunned by electric
shock, or has been choked or shot? What is the ruling for meat slaughtered
like this? Is it considered a carcass? [Which is impermissible to eat]

A. It is not permissible if it is known with certainty because it would be
considered a carcass.

Q. Can we understand from the hadith of Aisha (raa) which is related in the
fatwa that the question which was posed by the people to the Messenger of
Allah (saaws) was only in relation to whether Allah's name was mentioned
over the animal being slaughtered and it was not about the actual method of

A. Yes, they did ask about the mentioning of the name of Allah and not the
actual method of slaughtering and it is evident in the hadith that it is not
necessary to ask about either.

Q. Is it possible to say that if there are
stores in a city where the Muslim lives and those stores carry meat
slaughtered according to the Islamic method - even of it is more expensive -
that it is not then permissible to buy the meat of the Christians?

A. No it is not possible to say that because the slaughtered meat of the
Christians and the Jews is halal. However whoever leaves it [doesn't eat it]
out of a sense of piety [tawar'an], we see no fault upon him. [Tawar'a or
wara' is when a person has such piety that they will avoid even that which
is permissible to do what is even better from wanting to please Allah and
also eliminating any possibility of doing something wrong].

Q. One of the readers asks about a relation from Ali Ibn Abi Talib (raa) in
which he reportedly said: "Do not eat the meat slaughtered by Bani Taglab
because they adhere to Christianity by drink alcohol." Can this be then used
as a proof considering the Christians of today, the majority of who drink
alcohol , that it is not permissible to eat their slaughtered meat?

A. I do not know the authenticity of this statement [from the Sahabah] and
if it is authentic its meaning would be that they [Banu Taglab] were not
actually on the religion of the Christians and therefore they would not fall
under the ruling of permissibility of their slaughtered meat.

Q. If it is known that some of the slaughterhouses in this country slaughter
sheep and cattle along with swine is it permissible to eat that meat
especially when the same instruments are used to slaughter both at the same

A. In this case, if we know that the knives are used for both then the meat
should be washed and it will be purified through washing.

Q. Is it possible - esteemed Sheikh - for you to address us with a word to
the Muslim in the Western countries about the obligation of staying far away
from disobedience [to Allah and His Prophet (sallallaahu řalayhi wa sallam)] and haram things and
doubtful matters because we are aware of some of them being lax in relation
to some major sins such as not praying or illicit sex or drinking alcohol
yet he is distressed or makes complicated the eating of meat which is not
slaughtered according to Islamic method?

A. My advice to them is to have taqwa and fear Allah's punishment and to
remember the Day of Meeting, a day which the excuses of those who wrong
themselves will be of no avail. A day when the parent will not afford their
offspring anything nor can the offspring do anything for the parent. A day
when they will all be raised from their graves barefoot, and naked. We ask
Allah for all guidance and success.

Muhammad Saleh Al-Uthaimeen (rahimahullaah) 2/28/1414

May Allaah Reward For Publishing this Original Article in the magazine Al-Furqaan (June/July 2001 Edition)

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