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. Nuur ibnu Mahmuud ibnu Ahmad al-Ugaasi (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Assalaamu Alaykum,

Yesterday at the musalla near my house, the entrance door was accidentally locked and the brother's who came late were locked out. No one opened the door since we were in salat. So, when the salat was over, the Imam who lead us said to open the door because it is a necessity. He also said it is fine to leave the prayer to open the door and then re-enter the salat, and he did not provide any daleel. The door is more or less 10-15 steps from the prayer area and there is a turn around a corner to get to it. BaarakAllahu feekum, I am looking for a daleel for this issue because it seems the people accepted his statements without proof, seeing that he led the salat. I spoke against this, but I need a strong proof insha Allah. jazaakumullaahu khayr for any assistance.

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