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Moselm المسلم (Masjidul Bayaan, NJ )
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What The Scholars have said about Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee

(The Arabic isn't coming out right; however, it's in the attached link at the bottom of the page, scroll down to "Fataawa Al-'Ulama Fee Aby Ishaaq")

Firstly, he refuted himself in his own book regarding his self-proclaimed 'student' status to Shaikh Al-Albaani:

"He admitted that when he visited Shaikh Al-Albaani he only stayed for about a month, and he indicates that he is not from his students.

He (Abu Ishaaq) said in the introduction to his book "Tanbeeh Al-haajid":  "And I stayed about a month on this trip, and when Shaikh Al-Albaani found out that I was leaving, he invited me at his house over lunch, on the day I was traveling."

What Shaikh Muqbil Said about Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee

The Questioner: What is your opinion of those who call to Salafiyah, but don't have salafi books or salafi tapes, and also, those who defend the deviant sects?

Shaikh Muqbil:  That which we advise with, brothers, is that they agree upon the beneficial books such as "Riyaad Al-Saliheen," and "Buloogh Al-Maraam," and "Fath-ul-Majeed Fee Sharh Kitaab Al-Tawheed;" and that is more beneficial for them than tapes; and we say, as others have said,  tapes are like a few drops of water from the rain (meaning the books).  Yes, so, we advise the brothers to memorize "Riyaad Al-Saliheen," and before that, memorization of Al-Quran Al-Kareem, and also memorization of "Buloogh Al-Maraam," if they are capable, and memorization of "Al lu' lu' wal Marjaan," also. That is more beneficial for them;but, as for "Not having salafi tapes," then that is not proof that the person is not salafi; however, it is imperative that we look at those (people)that he associates himself with. Does he associate himself with innovators?  Yes, like Abd Al-rahmaan Abd Al-Khaaliq, Aby Ishaaq Al-Huwainee; those two are considered from the innovators, ah yes, and several like them as well, like Safar and Salmaan ('awdah) - they are considered from the innovators, and likewise some of the magazines, like "Al-Sunnah," which is full of innovation, and it is a follower of Muhammad Suroor; so, it and the people who manage it, are considered a bulletin of bid'ah. "  

Source: Al-majruhoon (tape)

What Shaikh Ahmad Al-Najmi said about Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee

Questioner: What is the status of the like of: Muahammad Al-Mughraawee, and Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee, and (Muhammad) Husain Ya'qoob?

Shaikh Ahmad Al-Najmi: What I know about Muhammad Al-Mughraawee, is that he's a takfeeri, and Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee as well, and he is from the companions of Al-Hassan Munsoori; however, as for Husain Ya'qoob, I don't know his state."

What Shaikh Muhammad Ibn 'Abd Al-Wahaab Al-Banna Said About Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwainee

Shaikh Muhammad Ibn 'Abd Al-Wahaab Al-Banna: He... he is from the Khawaarij!

Questioner: Shaikh, his tapes are widespread!

The Shaikh recited the ayah about Allah forgiving all sins except shirk for whom he wishes, and repeated it.  

Shaikh Muhammad: Shirk is not forgiven; but, all other sins are, if his heart doesn't believe in that deviance, but he does otherwise. I'm afraid for his breed; this is major.

The brothers then played the tape of Al-huwainee (so that the Shaikh can hear what he says).

Al-Huwainee: for the man who is persistent upon sin, and he has knowledge that it is a sin, then he is a "Mustahil"(meaning his blood become halaal, as in a kaafir)!

Shaikh Muhammad: No he is not mustahil!! He is not mustahil!!

Al-Huwainee: ...he used to say, interest, I knew it was haraam; however, I shall eat it, and zinaa (adultery) is haraam; but, I will do it - that person is mustahil clearly.

Shaikh Muhammad: No he is not mustahil!!!

Shaikh Muhammad: Istihlaal is different than Israar (persistence on sin), Istihlaal is different than Israar.

Questioner: So this is not the words of ahl-ul-sunnah wal jamaa'ah?

Shaikh Muhammad: Never!

Questioner: Should we listen to him?

Shaikh Muhammad: No

Questioner: Should we listen to him, oh Shaikh?

Shaikh Muhammad: No

Then the shaikh said a few words we didn't clearly understand, then the asker asked him about the words of Abu Ishaaq; the shaikh said:

Shaikh Muhammad: This is Baatil (false), these words are baatil.

Then the Questioner mentioned Abu Ishaaq's saying that 'Al-Tawheed Al-Hakamiah is the most specific to tawheed Al-'uloohia;' the shaikh responded:

Shaikh Muhammad: He said that?! I seek refuge in Allah [...] Al-Hakamiah is from tawheed Al-'uloohiah.

Arabic extracted from:

Translated by Moslem from Masjidul Bayaan

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