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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Faalih al-Harbee on the Baatil Oath of the Jam?iyyah Ahl ul-Hadeeth, Hind

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Abu Abd Ar Rahman Abd Al Adheem Ibn Faheem ibn Zia ibn Ma'een (KSA/ Bangalore, India)
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Shaykh Faalih al-Harbee on the Baatil Oath of the Jam?iyyah Ahl ul-Hadeeth, Hind

Bismillaah ar rahman ar raheem

Alhamdulillah As-Salatu Wa-Assalaamu Alaa Rasoolillah.

I said: These ahl al hadeeth, recently spread an Oath among the people and I will translate its wording for you in Arabic Inshaa Allaah. The Oath reads as?

? Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem. I testify that Laa ilaaha illallaah and I testify that Muhammad is his slave and his messenger. ---- I so and so son of so and so choose and accept the membership of the central Jamiyah of the Ahl ul-Hadeeth in India--- I take an Oath and make Allaah as a witness on it that I will be, in Aqeedah, Manhaj and actions on the Manhaj of the Ahl al Hadeeth- I agree with the Aqeedah and the Dawah of the Jam`iyyah in totality and I will strongly hold on to it--- I will be obedient in full to the system of the Jam`iyyah and its set of principles, will try to convey from the Jam?iyyah its dawah which is based on the Book and the Sunnah and its message to everyone from the people of India and will not be negligent or lax in that and I will call them to join with it, i.e. the Jam?iyyah --- I will not hesitate in sacrificing anything for the attainment of goal of the Jam?iyyah and the completion of its programs, in accordance with its foundational set of rulers--- I will sacrifice my self (or life) and wealth for it with pleasure. For the benefit of the Manhaj, the Jamaa`ah, the country, and the Millah , I bind myself with obedience to the judgment of the leader of the Jam?iyyah and its central leadership in ma`roof ?.
So this Oath, can it be called as a Bidaah?

He Hafidhahullaah said: This is not a Bidaah. [Rather] this is a heretical oath, (zandaqee, ilhaadee). This is heresy. This oath, Islam has not connection to it. This (oath) it is possible to name it as a Shaytaanee Oath.

     It makes the deen, the Walaa and Baraa and sacrifice of everything for the sake of this Jam?iyyah. (As for) the Jam?iyyah (then) who has affirmed for it that it is a Maasoom Jam?iyyah? It is against the Manhaj of Ahl us Sunnaah Wal jamaah, and the Maasoom is (only) the manhaj of the Ahl us Sunnah Wal Jamaah and not the Jam?iyyaat, the centers or the symbols, this is a claim. This speech, all of it is very general and it is possible to say it for any misguided (one). He may believe in any person or system, which he names as Ahl al hadeeth, and (says) that it is the system of Ahl as Sunnah. But will this claim be accepted?

Then is the manhaj of Ahl us Sunnah Wal Jamaa`ah to be played with to this extent? Summarized in (mere) words?

Making Walaa and Baraa on (the basis) of it?
He obeys the leader of the jamaah and who is this leader of the jamaah, is he the ruler of the Muslims? He is not the ruler of the Muslims?so how then this Oath?

So this oath is Baatil from its beginning to the end. It is not permissible that it should ever be said that this is justified in the millah and in Islaam. If the matter were like that (i.e. if it were justified) then it should be made the Deen and Islaam, and the Indian government or any other government should judge you by it, taking it to be Islaam and the Deen. Would you be pleased with that?

Would you be pleased that it should spill your blood and cut your necks for the sake of this oath, i.e. if you break it? Then (if it does so, it would be that) it cuts your necks or other than Islaam and other than the Millaah and other than the Manhaj of Ahl as Sunnaah wa al jamaah. This is lack of adab and lack of hayaa (shame).
The meaning of this (oath) is that this jamiyyah now is a siyaasee Hizbee, having no connection with Salafiyyah and no connection with the Hadeeth.

The hadeeth cannot be understood wrongly, and then you make people understand it according to that.
          Ahl ul-Hadeeth are Ahl us Sunnaah Wal Jamaah. Those who memorise the hadeeth in India from among the Muta?assibah, who do not even turn to the hadeeth and take the speech of the men (i.e.; their imaam and their ulaama) as the deen and the Shareeah, would you say about them that they are Ahl al hadeeth? Even though they may preserve or memorize all the hadeeth, the main books, the Ajzaa  and the Masaaneed  and others? Would you say about them, if you were really from the Ahl al Hadeeth, would you say about them that they are Ahl al hadeeth? No never! You will say, they are mutassib hanafees and (they are) Soofees, and that they are (only) memorizing the hadeeth. You will not say, that they are ahl al hadeeth. So the terminology should not be corrupted [in applying it to] the people and the deen should not be emptied of its contents.

I asked: So what should be our position regarding it i.e.; this Jam`iyyah in India?

He hafidahullaah said: It will be looked into the persons and the individuals. When they are (or would become) upright and firm on the Manhaj and the Aqeedah, and these things are abolished and (also) those Usool which they have made.

?For whichever condition is not in the book of Allaah then it is Baatil, even if it is a hundred conditions?.

Whichever thing opposes the Shareeah, then it is Baatil and the Muslim should return to what the ahl us Sunnah WA al jammah is upon.

     You might remember the story of the one of the Salaf who was a youth when a collection (of people) who were close to thirty in number wrote an Oath (and that) this is what we take an oath on and we make a mutual contract on this. So whoever signed it from them signed it and when it came to that youth he said: ?By Allaah I am not to make an oath for myself other than the oath which I made for Allaah with the testification of Laa illallaah and that Muhammad is Allaah?s messenger.? So they returned, down to the last one of them and they did sign on the document.

     This document that you read out to me is nullified and baatil. You should not obligate on your selves to go around saying ?we are ahl us Sunnaah and our manhaj is so and so, and our Usool are so and so?. And (then) make papers like the papers, which the one who broke off from the Ansaar as Sunnaah wrote in Sudan: Jamaah Islaah! I think. They were spreading a paper that ?it is like this and we are bound by such and such and Salafiyyah is such and such and Ahl as Sunnaah is such and such, the manhaj of Ahl as Sunnah is such and such, their Usool are so and so?.

My brother they are restricting a vast (thing). Is this the deen which He sent down in twenty three years and your are summarizing its papers making them binding on yourself and making walaa and bearing enmity on (the basis of) it. Like how this person (i.e. in the oath of the Ahl al Hadeeth) is mentioning that he will expend his blood or that he will have walaa and enmity on (the basis of) the obedience to the leader of the Jamaa`ah and make binding on himself this contract, which is Baatil Faasid. I do not say Faasid; rather this is a Baatil contract. My brother, Baatil. Do you know? ---Study the speech of the Ahl al Ilm as to what is the difference between baatil and faasid.

[End Of Words From Shaikh Falih (hafidhahullah)]

To read the oath in urdu please refer

Our da?wah and our ?aqeedah is more beloved to us than our own selves, our wealth and our offspring.  So we are not prepared to part with it for gold, nor silver.  We say this so that no one may have hope in buying out our da?wah, nor should he think that  it is possible for him to purchase it from us for deenaar or dirham. Since the politicians already know this about us, so they have despaired of buying it from us with granted positions or wealth..Shaikh, the Allamah, Muqbil ibn Hadee Al Waa'di'ee (Rahimahullah).

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