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Sheikh Rabee' ibn Haadee al Madhkhalee says:

"...Oh brothers BE FIRM, BE FIRM, in this time, in this age where many trials and tribulations have increased. The trials and tribulations have increased withholding people from accepting the truth, Islaam.

When many different situations have passed by the people, living lives of false beliefs, superstitions and misguidance. Many of them lived far away from the religion of Allaah. Either they lived as communists, secularist, socialist parties and so on. From these destructive foundations, many countries were established and all of it failed in its reality, its status became weaker in the eyes of the people. Until many people realized that happiness in this life and the hereafter was by following the true Islaam.

So many people from the youths of this Ummah from the east and west were searching for the truth. They were seeking the Book of Allaah and the understanding of the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of the Messenger salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam turning away from these false beliefs and they accepted the truth.

According to my outlook and what I notice, these enemies of Islaam and the Sunnah from the people of misguidance amongst them being the Rawaafidh, Soofees and the different political groups have realized the danger (to them) of this return to the authentic Islaam. Their slogans will fall and perish so they prepared their plots and plans to take away these youths by different ways, with lowly methods to block the youths away from the religion of Allaah, which is the Truth, in order to lead them to paths which lead far away from the Book of Allaah. They made much effort to take the people away from the truth after many youths have turned to the salafi methodology, in particular.

So you see falsehood as truth and truth as falsehood and this has lead many people away from the truth. Only Allaah knowing their number from the methodology of the pious predecessors.

This is from their plots and plans which takes you away from being firm upon the truth, away from the true call and they come between the call (and the people) such that falsehood is accepted.

So books of refutations are knowledge based. You will not find live knowledge that which distinguishes between truth and falsehood except in the books of refutations. By Allaah the Quran refutes the people of disbelief, misguidance, hypocrites, Jews and Christians. He did not leave any misguidance except that He criticized it and clarified the misguidance of its people. The Sunnah and the books upon the methodology of the pious predecessors and books of Jarh and Ta?deel (criticim and justice) also are full of criticisms and refutations upon the people of falsehood.

Because truth and falsehood will not be distinguished except by this criticism and these refutations.

So read the books of Sheikh al Islaam ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qaiyum and the books of the present day salafees who strive in the path of Allaah. They prevent the fitn coming towards the youths and they show the correct way of Islam away from the misguided ways and they uncover the faults of the innovators and misguidance. So know what these people intend by their war against the books of refutations. Learn the knowledge and be excessive in learning knowledge. Strive your utmost effort. That which help you in understanding the correct knowledge are the books of refutations for it is a very important part in seeking knowledge.

And the one who does not know the books of refutations while having memorized what he has then he will be in an unstable situation."

Taken from the excellent tape "ASBAAB AL INHIRAAF" by Sheikh Rabee' ibn Haadee al Madhkhalee hafidhahullah

التراجع إلى الحق فضيلة

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