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Posted By Topic: A gift to the Khawaarij and Raafidah

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Abu Ubaid Ali bin Nathaniel Grays (Cairo, Egypt)
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In the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem,

Following is an explanation of the hadith, "Do not revile anyone from my companionsı" by Ibn Abee Izza Al-Hanafee in his explanation of Al-Aqeedah At-Tahaawiyaa.

"In the two Sahihs, narrated by Abu Saeed Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him), he said there was an issue between Khalid ibn Waleed and Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf. Khalid reviled him (Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf), so the Prophet (May praise and peace be on him) said, "Do not revile anyone from my companions. If one of you spent the likes Uhud in gold, it will not reach a mudd (like two hands full) of one of theirs or a half a mudd." Muslim (companion of the Sahih) was alone in mentioning Khalid's insult of Abdur-Rahman, without Bukhari mentioning it. The Prophet (May praise and peace be on him) said this to Khalid and anyone similar to him: "Do not revile my companions" meaning Abdur-Rahman and anyone similar to him because Abdur-Rahman and anyone like him are the first and foremost. They embraced Al-Islam before the opening (treaty of Al-Hudaibiyaa) and they fought, and they are the people of the allegiance (Ahul- Baiya Ar-Ridwan). [So they are more excellent and more special to the companionship of the Prophet (peace be on him) than the person who embraced Al-Islam after the baiya]. And they are the ones who embraced after Hudaibiya and after the Prophet's peace with the people of Makkah, and Khalid ibn Waleed is from them. And these are prior to the one whose Islam was delayed until the opening of Makkah and called Tulaqaa. From them were Abu Sufyan and his two sons, Yazeed and Muaawiya. What is intended is that verily the Prophet (May praise and peace be on him) prohibited the one whose companionship came later from reviling the person whose companionship was foremost, because of their excellence over them from the companions with what is not possible for them to share in. Even until if one of them spent the likes of Uhud in gold, it would not reach a mudd of theirs or half a mudd. If this is the situation of the ones that embraced Al-Islam after Hudaibiyaa, even if it was before the opening of Makkah, then what about the person who is not a companion ııı " [Sharh Al-Aqeedah At-Tahaawiyaa by Ibn Abee Izza Al-Hanafee, Maktaba Al-Islami, 9th print, Beirut, checking by Shaykh Al-Albani, p.468.]

   In this excerpt, we see that this statement of the Prophet (May praise and peace be on him) was made directly to the great Sahaba, Khalid ibn Waleed. This was due to the fact that Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf was more virtuous than Khalid (May Allah be pleased with them) because Abdur-Rahman was from the first and foremost. If this was said to the likes of Khalid ibn Waleed, then those that come after the companions are more deserving of this prohibition. So, we say to the Khawaarij, Raafidah, and their likes that if they spent the likes of the whole dunya in Platinum, it probably won't reach a teaspoon of silver of the companions. And Allah know best.

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