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Posted By Topic: The Introduction of Shaykh Muqbil's Jaami' Saheeh

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Abu Zuhayrah Abdullah bin Allan Pocius (Philadelphia Pa U.S.A.)
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The Introduction of Shaykh Muqbil's Jaami' Saheeh
All praise belongs to Allah the Lord of the worlds, And may his salaah and salaam be upon our prophet Muhammad The truthful and trustworthy, and upon his family and companions.
To proceed: Verily I praise Allah who has facilitated for me the pathways to knowledge and made the books of the purified sunnah beloved to me, that sunnah which whoever sticks to it will be succesful and whoever turns away from it will be diluded and will go astray.
And I likewise praise Allaah for that which he has made easy for me in giving da'wah to the prophetic sunnah by way of the pen and speech in a time of severe animosity at the hands of the innovators and enemies of islam against the people of the sunnah striking at them from one bow. And yet Allah has preserved them from the plots of their enemies and has given them relief and a way out. And Allah has stifled the disbelievers with their own hatred not allowing them to reach any good.
And in truth the call of the people of the sunnah in yemen is to be considered one of Allah's signs, in that it has no aid nor helper but Allah glory be to him. And yet in that grim atmosphere of full of bleak realites, intoxicants, tribulations earthquakes, and turmoil Allah has made easy and to Him belongs all praise the authoring of a number of beneficial books, I hope by way of which Allah will benefit Islam and the muslims.
And I praise Allah for what I have seen of benefit that has come from the books that have already gone to the market. And this makes great difficulties nearly insignificant in our eyes, rather they become unworthy of attention and as such that which does not weaken us in the least. From amongst these books is "the authentic musnad of hadith that are not found in the two authentic compilations", and this book has been prepared for printing and all praise is due to Allah. After it was sent to print I deemed it befitting to rearrange this book under the chapter headings and order of the books of fiqh, because perhaps none but the specialists in hadith would benefit from the authentic musnad. And as for the book arranged according to the chapters of fiqh then by Allah's will the specialists in hadith as well as other than them will be able to benefit.
I began it with the book of knowledge imitating the noble quran in that the first part of it that was revealed is "Read in the name of you lord who created". As for the remaining chapter headings I have modeled myself after the leader in this field, the illustrious imam Al Bukhari...

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will will hendricks (b-more)
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so has it been translated in English where can i purchase it?

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Abu Zuhayrah Abdullah bin Allan Pocius (Philadelphia Pa U.S.A.)
Posts: 31
Joined: Oct 2010
Anyone willing to continue the translation effort from here would be more than appreciated jazaakumullaahu khayraa

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