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Posted By Topic: Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee on Shaikh Ubaid:Is he a Hizbee?

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Question to Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee regarding ash-Shaikh al-Allaamah Ubaid al-Jaabiree

This person is asking about Shaykh Ubaid: "Is he a Hizbee?"

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee answered:

"By Allah, this from the strangest of affairs. A hizbee with which Jamiyyah - tell me!? This speech is falsehood! A hizbee with which Jamaa'ah? With which hizb? This speech is from the greatest of falsehood!

Shaykh Ubaid's beard has become grey upon Islam and the Sunnah. We do not know him except for his love of the Sunnah, following it and having great concern for it - and him having hatred for innovation and it's people and fleeing from it.

This speech is from the strangest of things that I have heard - and it does not harm Shaykh Ubaid."

Saturday 29 January 2010.Saturday 25 Safar 1432.

Glossary of Terms:

Hizbee: A person who has partisanship (or fanaticism) for a group, or a set of ideas or principles or a personality, that contradict the teachings of the Qur'aan and Sunnah; that lead him to making his allegiance and enmity based upon other than the Book and Sunnah and the way of the Salaf.

Jam'iyyah: An organisation or society of like-minded individuals. A hizbee organisation is one that gathers together upon principles that oppose the Book and Sunnah, calls to them and makes allegiance and enmity around these principles and protects its members regardless of if they are right or wrong, e.g. Jam'iyyah Ihyaa Turaath al-Islaamee, etc.

Jamaa'ah: A group or body of people. The people who follow the truth are called al-Jamaa'ah (referring to the Companions and those who follow them precisely) - however over time groups have set themselves up using the term Jamaa'ah so as to misguide others, e.g. Jamaa'at at-Tableegh and Jamaa'at al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen etc.

Hizb: A party of individuals. There are in essence two hizbs: The Hizb-ullaah (the Party of Allaah) and the Party of Satan (Hizb ash-Shaytaan). The Party of Allaah are the People of Sunnah who adhere to the Book and Sunnah upon the way of the Salaf. Anyone and everyone that opposes that is upon the hizb of Shaytaan, e.g. Hizbut-Tahreer, the Shee'ah group in Lebanon that calls itself 'Hizbollah' etc.

هذا يقول الشيخ عبيد يسأل عنه: أنه حزبي؟.

الجواب: هذا والله من أعجب العجب، حزبي مع أي جمعية هات؟، هذا كلام باطل، حزبي مع أي جماعة؟، مع أي حزب؟، هذا كلام من أبطل الباطل، الشيخ عبيد شابت لحيته في الإسلام والسنة ولا نعرفه إلَّا بحب السنة وإتباعها والحرص عليها، وبغض البدعة وأهلها والتنفير منها، فهذا الكلام الذي سمعته من أعجب ما سمعت وما يضر الشيخ عبيد[1].

لسماع المادة الصوتية:
(من أعجب ما سمعت)

قام بتفريغه أبو عبيدة منجد بن فضل الحداد
السبت الموافق: 25/ صفر/ 1432 للهجرة النبوية الشريفة.

[1] من محاضرة(تعظيم الكتاب والسنة والرد على من خالفهما)لفضيلة الشيخ محمد بن هادي المدخلي حفظه الله


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