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Posted By Topic: Saudi Arabia: Calls to Criminalize Takfiri Fatwas

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Hamza ibn Shaukat ibn Muhammad (London, UK)
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Saudi Arabia: Calls to Criminalize Takfiri Fatwas

Saudi Arabia's Senior Ulema Council is currently holding closed-door sessions to discuss two important issues affecting the kingdom; the financing of terrorism, and Takfiri fatwas.
Last week, another closed-door session held by the Saudi Shura Council discussed calls to criminalize Takfiri fatwas that are issued from outside the official religious institute in order to put an end to the issuance of such fatwas that have been on the rise in recent years.

Subhaanakallaah humma wa bi Hamdika Ashadu allaa ilaha illa ant, astaghfiruka wa atooba ilayk

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