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Posted By Topic: Extremist Qutbi Abu Zubair Saleem Beg and Intellectual Fraud Against the Scholars

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Bayan Talbis al-Qutbiyyah: Saleem Beg and the Standards of Academic Honesty

As we have alluded to in other threads, Abu Zubair Saleem Beg is amongst the most extreme of the Qutbis in the West and he runs a forum which is a playground for the Takfiris. He had strong attachments to Ali at-Timimi, who was one of main promulgators of the doctrines of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimoon in the West in the latter half of the 1990s. From the greatest of signs of the extremist Qutbiyyah of Saleem Beg is that he is prepared to lie outright for the sake of 20th century non-Scholar ignoramuses who brought the manifesto of Vladimir Lenin to the Ummah in the guise of establishing "social justice", as we have documented elsewhere.

Abu Zubair Saleem Beg, currently, or formerly, an Imaam at an Lewisham Islamic center, Surrey, has recently used an audio recording to claim that Shaykh Rabee made takfir of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen. Here it is:

[url=]Realaudio file of recording[/url]

Now you can listen to the whole thing a few times, its three and a half minutes long. But this is what this die-hard Qutbi has claimed from it:

As you will see this is an outright fabrication and a slander. There is no such quote in the recording. The above is a very evil case of outright lying, you have listen to the audio a few times, then read what Abu Zubair al-Kadhdhaabee has attributed to the Shaykh. It is very devious and evil. You have to remember this is the same individual who ten years ago, ascribed the Irjaa' of Jahm bin Safwan to Imaam al-Albani.

And what you see in that screenshot itself, reveals a lot. He considers Qutb a "hero" of Islam, we don't know what Qutb offered to Islam except the doctrines of the Khawaarij, Leninist Revolutions, notions of Social Justice borrowed from Marxist-Socialism and the innovations of the Rafidah, Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah and others. A trail of destruction was left in the Muslim lands when Qutb's doctrines and methodologies were adopted (Egypt, Syria, Algeria as examoples).

We have covered this slander in full in this article:


Please take a read of that article which provides a rebuttal of this slander as well as some related background information.

Finally, it should be pointed out, as mentioned [url=]in a previous post[/url], that the likes of Saleem Beg are just ignorant, foolish children who should not, under normal circumstances, be given attention. Unfortunately, because it is very easy for every man and his pet to come online and find a platform and speak his misguided opinion, and due to these doubts that are being propagated and kindled, it is a dhuroorah (necessity) to address his falsehood. Saleem Beg is just an ignoramus in whose actions you see the Irjaa' of the Ghullaat ul-Murji'ah who expelled the actions of the heart from Eemaan. Even some of his friends are perceptive enough to allude to his contradictions:

So you can see the kind of person we are dealing with here, a confused and contradictory deluded individual being driven by and drowned in his love and allegiance to Sayyid Qutb in whose books, after we take out the doctrines of the Rafidah, Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah and others, we find nothing but the manifesto of Vladimir Lenin clothed in an Islamic garb and which Qutb advocated to "snatch the haakimiyyah" and "give it back to Allaah" through general revolutions (that's the methodology of Hizb ut-Tahrir as well ([url=]see end of this article[/url]) who praised the Rafidi Revolution of Iran, and surprise surprise, Ayatollah Khameini, the chief architect of the Rafidi Revolution of 1978 translated Qutb's works as ideological inspiration for that Rafidi Revolution), as we have documented extensively at and

And this is unfortunately the condition of these 21st century Ikhwanis spuriously claiming Salafiyyah, making propaganda for the works of Jahmite Ash'aris, who even if we were to excuse their innovations, and put them to one side, have nothing left in their books except some skilled use of language, and in which the Mu'tazilah were far superior, but despite that the Scholars still warned from their books.

What we are seeing from Abu Zubair Saleem Beg are last-ditch cheap attempts of an individual whose ship has been sunk and all he has left is the flotsam which he is holding on to for dear life. Thus, pretty-much anything goes, even if it means throwing aside the notions of al-walaa wal-baraa' for the sake of aqidah, and even if it means practically wallowing in the irjaa' of the Ghullaat ul-Murji'ah, and even if it means lying through the back teeth (such as in the example above).


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