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Posted By Topic: The terms 'Madkhali' and 'Wahhabi'

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Abu Ilyas unspecified (unspecified)
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الحمد لله رب العالمين و صلى الله و سلم على نبينا محمد و آله و صحبه

أما بعد

This excerpt from shows that the labels that the Qutbiyyah use against Ahlus Sunnah are only to scare the people away from the truth, similar to the label 'Wahhabi' that the grave worshippers and Soofees use.
The Word "Madkhali"

The words "Madkhali" and "Madaakhilah" are words used to frighten people away from the true Scholars of the religion and from the methodologies of the Book and the Sunnah. These words are simply an attempt to scapegoat one Scholar when in reality all the Scholars of the Sunnah are intended by it. It is similar in its intended usage to the word "Wahhabi", whereas this word is to frighten people away from the Tawhid of the Messengers and its Scholars, the word "Madkhali" is used in a derogatory sense to frighten people away from the divinely revealed methodologies in the Book and the Sunnah that pertain to understanding of the methodology of the Prophets in da'wah and rectification and tying al-Qadaa wal-Qadar with Allaah's legislative command - and instead to take these people to the "fikr" of 20th century ignoramuses whose ideologies, thoughts, conceptions, writings and books were simply a distillation of the western materialist philosophies they had studied, coupled with their ignorance, and zeal for Islam, as a result of which they came up with the Qadari-I'tizaali mental frameworks and outlooks that were simply an extension of the Leninist-Marxist manifestos they ended up writing upon their own understandings of "social justice" (see here). And that's leaving aside the innovations of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah, Mufawwidah, Jabariyyah, Rafidah and the Khawarij that are found in their works. So the line is drawn and the two parties are known and clear, and nothing remains after truth except misguidance!

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