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Posted By Topic: Abu Zubair Saleem Beg - Bayan Talbis al-Qutbiyyah Series - the Deception of the Qutbiyyah

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Talbis of Abu Zubair Saleem Beg Concerning His Allegation that Shaykh Rabee Makes Takfir of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen

Read the article here:

As we have indicated previously, Abu Zubair Saleem Beg is amongst the hardcore Qutbi Extremists, and he runs a forum which is a gathering place for all the Takfiris. In reality, the forum is just a place where these childish Qutbis come out at "playtime" so they can play "cyberbutch" with each other. Meanwhile Abu Zubair puts disclaimers on his site (he had on their for five years or so after 7/7):

In the land of "cyberbutch" that should have warranted immediate takfir and the announcing of destructive revolutions against this website for having the audacity to openly announce its operation upon secular qawaaneen and the enforcement of those qawaaneen (we do not tolerate comments that are in violation of ...) - but as we said, these are deluded five year olds, being let out of the classroom so they can play "cyberbutch" with each other in the playground and feel good about it.  They feel proud of refuting the Ash'arites, and then make al-walaa wal-baraa and love and hate for the sake of Jahmite Ash'aris from 20th century Egypt who denied Allaah's Uluww, rejected al-Istiwaa, made ta'weel of the Arsh, rejected sifaat fi'liyyah (through negationof "hawaadith"), spoke of the creation of the Qur'an, and what is more than this.  And then they seek to excuse these 20th century ignoramuses by comparing them, spuriously, with the likes of Ibn Hajar and an-Nawawi. Even if the latter two had mistakes, they made such contributions to the Ummah, that the likes of a thousand Qutbs would never have reached, and thus we continue to benefit from their works, in hadeeth, in mustalah, ilm ur-rijaal, in tafseer and so on. So you can see the kind of people we are dealing with here. Their attachment to the aqidah is an academic one only, otherwise the walaa and baraa that is necessitated by this knowledge would have prevented them from falling into the likes of this manifestation of the deen of the Ghullaat ul-Murij'ah who expelled the actions of the heart from eemaan.

Anyhow, coming to the issue:

This Abu Zubair Saleem Beg has claimed that Shaykh Rabee made takfir of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen, and he presented an audio recording of three and a half minutes in length.

The reason why Saleem Beg is distributing this is because he is grieved that Sayyid Qutb's negation of Islaam from some of the Sahabah and the Bani Ummayyah was refuted by Shaykh Rabee, even though Shaykh Rabee' was preceded in that by over 40 years by Allaamah Mahmood Shakir. This is besides the fact that Shaykh Rabee' demolished the usool of these people in terms of their ikhwani methodologies and their "fikr" they were trying to propagate to a Salafi audience during the 90s, and Shaykh Rabee's defence of the Salafi aqidah from the tajahhum in Qutb's books. Shaykh Rabee was vindicated in all of that by the likes of Imaam al-Albani,Imaam Ibn Baz, Imaam Ibn Uthaymin and others, and this really grieved these people.

In trying to tarnish Shaykh Rabee' with this particular allegation, Abu Zubair Saleem Beg has - walhamdulillaah - exposed himself as the cheap intellectual fraudster he always was. Ten years ago he tried to accuse Shaykh al-Albani of the Irjaa' of Jahm bin Safwan when he tried to use a statement of Shaykh al-Albani in which the Shaykh was speaking about the conditions and barriers to takfir, (such as ilm and qasd), in relation to takfir al-mu'ayyan (takfir of a specific individual) who fell into what is major kufr, and confusing that with the issue of kufr being in belief, statement and action, which Shaykh al-Albani affirms. And that disgrace we will cover separately inshaa'Allaah.

To read an exposition of this particular slander (concerning the allegation that Shaykh Rabee' made takfir of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen) read this article where Abu Zubair is sent back into the sewer from where is operating:

These activities of Abu Zubair are not unlike the activities of the Jahmite Abu Adam Naruiji (refer to for the articles in refutation of this gutter-press Jahmee who is using methods similar to those of Abu Zubair, but in trying to tarnish Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah). But this is the way of Ahl ul-Bid'ah - in their (cheap) methods, they have a lot in common.

Further, Abu Zubair is now spending from his own wealth to direct people to these articles of his, and we never saw this individual in 13 years spend from his wealth to defend against the negation of Islam from some of the Companions and the revilements upon Uthmaan and Mu'awiyah and Amr bin al-Aas and Abu Sufyaan and Hind and others (radiallaahu anhum ajma'een), or to defend the Salafi aqidah from the tajahhum present in abundance in the works of Qutb. It is only now that this Qutbi is expending these efforts for the sake of the defence  of Sayyid Qutb and his books.

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Let's see how many of Abu Zubair Saleem Beg's peers on his forum have the honesty, decency and integrity to actually tell him that what he did was wrong, and the path that he embarked upon was (after Allaah's decree) the actual cause of what they are now lamenting and wailing over! Be honest and  just... There are not two scales of justice, one for you and one for those "nasty, evil, Madkhalis" ... justice is justice.

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As salaamu alaykum.

You may be aware that the Qutbiyyah recently, after they saw what was taking place of the spreading of the aqidah of the Salaf and refutation of what opposes it through website such as and and - when they saw that the people began to appreciate this type of presence through these sites and the benefits it brought, one of those characterized with hate and resentment from Surrey, UK, by the name of Abu Zubair Saleem Beg, decided to register, in the late hours of 5th December, a website, in order to embark upon a path of what shall be proven inshaa'Allaah to be nothing but an illustration of the antics of the foolish (wrong move!). All of this was done in order to hinder, prevent, restrain and scare-monger others away from the goodness and its potential.

Such are the hearts of these people. They claim piety and rectitude when their actions show nothing but hate, resentment and corruption.

In fact, we have many emails and comments from people, some of whom would be considered ardent opposers, but who had the honesty and sincerity to send in emails expressing thanks for the goodness that they saw in these projects and some of them expressing their "gratitude", and no doubt these are genuine, sincere, honest people, and we ask Allaah that He honors and ennobles and raises the ranks of these people, even if we have strong disagreements with them, for we will not disacknowledge, goodness, sincerity and the genuine love of truth  not matter who it comes from.

However, this particular depraved individual, Saleem Beg, filled with hate, animosity, and resentment, decided to do everything that is in opposition to the particular advice of Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Aal ash-Shaykh that he started waving around in order to attack those whom he and his likes call "Madkhalis". In 1998 Saleem Beg accused Imaam al-Albani of having Irjaa' equal to or worse than that of al-Jahm bin Safwan, and he was taking it from the likes of Ali al-Timimi.

When we first came across his website on 19th December 2009, we decided, very, very reluctantly that it was necessary to respond, by addressing both underlying foundations and historical aspects of the actual issues under dispute, and avoid the individuals (i.e. Saleem Beg) who are insignificant in any case.

But a point that needs to be made is there was no need for this individual to stoop to this level in exposing his hate and resentment - and the just and honest person can see that this action of his was driven by nothing but pure hate, and out of resentment of the fact that people were acknowledging the goodness that was coming from some of our projects, and posting such things on his forum, which clearly was not to his liking.

If these people were expending efforts to refute the Ash'arites or the Jahmiyyah, then walhamdulillaah, that you are busy in doing that is great, continue with that even if we differ with you, its better for you to be involved in that and we would consider it repugnant, and childish that we should attempt to throw a "spanner in the works" just because we have differences with you in other issues. We seek refuge in Allaah from being driven by spite! Far from it!

However, this particular individual, Abu Zubair Saleem Beg, who is amongst the greatest of them in being consumed by rank hatred and resentment, decided to put out his neck, and open himself up to being exposed for his hate, childishness, hypocrisy (in action) and ignorance in the affairs of the religion. You see he started this, and went out of his way for it.

So we decided to give this individual 30 days to come to his senses - during which we were laying down foundational issues and historical realities on our website - and as 30 days are coming to a close we are going to start addressing the antics of this individual so all people, both those on his forum (who have any sense of honesty and justice) and elsewhere will see that this individual is not genuine or honest, and has a heart that is consumed with the diseases of hate and resentment.

So we are pleased to announce, "Bayaan Talbees al-Qutbiyyah" which you can follow right here:

When we started responding from the 19th December, this individual (or a colleague, collaborator) then set up a new account on his forum through which he took a path of trying to obfuscate, confuse, misguide, deceive and mislead his audience about the content of what we were posting, because it is a decisive refutation of his baatil, and coming across with a "reconciliatory, understanding, type of tone" (as opposed to the vicious one on his website). So he is currently taking two approaches, one through his website which is a gutter-press type of website in which you see the aim is to create "scandal, controversy" and amounts to nothing but scare-mongering, and another approach on his forum (through his new account) which is attempting to address the sayings of the Scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah pertaining to the likes of Qutb, Banna and their methodologies, and doing his utmost to deceive and confuse the people with a display of "we need dialogue, we need a knowledge-based discussion", and bringing all the usual shubuhaat, such as bringing the old praises of some of the Scholars for the likes of Qutb and Banna, and so on.

Clearly, it wasn't dialogue you were after when you set up your website in the first place! So you see the kind of fish we are dealing with here, we are dealing with dishonest individuals who bring with them the additional calamity of being motivated by desires. When we wrote about the reality of this individual (and his likes) in this article:

Getting right down to the crux of the matter,  it really, really burned him. And now they are lamenting over what was said about them! The question is: Who is to blame? Sat in front of your computer screen, on that fateful Saturday, being beguiled by Shaytan into fantasizing about the greater jihaad you envisioned against those "nasty evil Madkhalis" (and against their efforts) and then be applauded by your audience as a "champion of Islam" - who is to blame? We were happy in continuing our knowledge-based projects, until you thought you could come in the middle of our road, lower your trousers (with no shame) and relieve yourself - all out of spite and resentment... Such are the manners of these people?!

Finally a disclaimer: Its a shame that you have to address individuals, or even have to resort to making mention of them, when they are the most insignificant of people. If you routinely come home having caught deers, oxes and the likes, and then one day you come home with a mouse, then first of all you've lowered your standards and secondly you've given prestige to the mouse. So we want to make it clear, that we declare ourselves free from both of these things, we don't want to do any of this, and this is essentially a dhuroorah that we have been forced into, sorry! We had enough on our hands before this foolish person was beguiled by Shaytan to take this path.

In fact, some of them are wailing and lamenting over the fact that Abu Zubair Saleem Beg went in this path because now the realities of their figureheads (Qutb and Banna) and their da'wah in general is being exposed and documented and it is being proven that these people do not have any scholars who are upon their da'wah, rather they only make opportunistic attachments to isolated, selected statements of the true Scholars only to the extent that they find utility in these sayings in propagating their own fikr and their shubuhaat and defending their figureheads. Besides this, they have absolutely ZERO connection with the Scholars. So they are lamenting and wailing over what they have unleashed with their own hands. What can we say? Deficiency in intellect and disease in the heart ...


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