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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)
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Permissibility of critiquing food

The following is a summary translation taken from

Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him said {The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings are upon him never criticized food. If he desired it he would eat it, and if he disliked it he would leave it.}

Sheikh Uthamin said concerning this hadith
The Prophet peace and blessings are upon him would never criticize food if he liked it he would eat it and if not he would leave it.

As for criticizing food and saying your food is salty or your tea is sour or your dates are of an inferior quality then this criticism is hated.  

But if he wants to critique the food cooked by his family in order to prevent them from preparing the food again in a similar manner then this is permissible rather this is education. And in this situation he did not criticize the food rather he criticized the cooking technique of his family.

Therefore it is upon the women to have dedication and proficiency in their work even in matters of food preparation and it is anticipated that they will be rewarded for this.

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