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Dar Al-Iman (North-West London, UK)
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Bismillaah was salaatu was salaamu 'alaa rasoolillaah, wa ba'ad;

As-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

We are pleased to announce to our Brothers and Sisters the opening of our
Orphanage in Islamabad, Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, we are now fully
operational and are caring for orphans that were in need of shelter, food,
clothing and education.

Our promise to deliver a modern and well facilitated orphanage with
carefully selected staff, has been fullfilled, inshażAllah.  Hoping for the
successful upbringing in Deen and Dunyaa for the Orphanżs inshażAllah. To
follow is a reminder and appeal for your much needed support in aiding our
project now and in the years to come inshażAllah.


Dar Al Iman Orphanage and Educational Institute is a private and social
welfare organisation dedicated to the care of orphans. We provide orphans
with a homely and warm family-type environment. Every effort is made to
enrich the children with strong Islamic moral values, good quality
education and skills that will enable them to become productive,
responsible citizens.


To provide children who are deprived of their natural parents with an
environment which is as close as possible to a normal family home. At Dar
Al Iman Orphanage the children find security, love and an opportunity to
develop to their full potential, inshażAllah. To give these children a
chance in life, a good education is essential and more so the correct
understanding of Islam and its beautiful values. We hope to provide
opportunities for higher education according to the childżs ability and
aptitude, so the children are able to stand on their own two feet, to be a
service to society and the muslim ummah, inshażAllah.  


Those in charge of Dar Al Iman Orphanage want to provide for the orphans
that which they provide for their own children, giving the orphans the same
level of care, love, opportunities and education, (both Islamic and non
Islamic), that they desire for their own children.

The home in which the orphans reside is of high standard, comfort and
hygiene. The staff is carefully selected to provide the above for the
orphans and much time and effort has been dedicated to achieve this,

In the care of Dar Al Iman Orphanage, the child will have the following and
more inshażAllah;

A new modern building with bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning,
clean and multiple clothing items, quality food, Islamic education upon the
correct understanding of the pious predecessors, quality education to
British standard, medical facilities, playground, 24 hour security and
staff, transport, tuition, extra curricular activities, e.g trips and


Dar Al Iman Foundation hopes to expand its services all over Pakistan, by
providing social welfare services for the poor and needy. Although we have
already contributed to various projects and will continue to do so,
inshażAllah, one of our many principals is żquality rather than quantityż,
hence we are concentrating on the development of our orphanage and
educational institute.

We hope to acquire more building space in the near future for the intake
and care of more orphans, (boys and girls), larger school premises, and a
medical centre, inshażAllah.


We are a non governmental organisation, whose costs are met by sponsorship
and donations by the public. It would not have been possible to achieve all
we have, without first and foremost, by The Grace and Blessings of Allah
and then the generous support we receive from the community. In order to
continue, to expand and reach out to deserving children in all parts of the
country, we need regular contributions from individuals and the corporate

Please consider sponsoring a child or giving a donation to help towards
meeting the construction costs of a new project. We assure you that the
money will be properly utilised and that we strive in our efforts to
provide a high standard of care for the orphaned children, inshażAllah.


Please help towards the expansion and running costs of the orphanage with
your donations, your money is urgently needed, so we ask you to please
donate generously.

Please note that your Zakah can be given towards this cause.

One off donation towards orphanage                  ż..............

Sponsor a child monthly                         ż50 / 5000 pak
Partial sponsor of a child monthly               ż25 / 2500 pak
Partial sponsor of a child monthly               ż15 / 1500 pak
Partial sponsor of a child monthly               ż10 / 1000 pak
(Exchange rate 100 rs. to the ż1)

Narrated by Sahl bin Sad: The Prophet, pbuh, said:

'I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be
in paradise like this,' putting his index finger and middle finger
together.  (Sahih Al Bukhari Vol 8 Hadith No. 34)


If you would like to donate or require information, then you can do so by:


0092(0)3435105463     in Pakistan

0044 (0)7949433305     in the United Kingdom

0044 (0)7876146843     in the United Kingdom

0044 (0)7985349275     in the United Kingdom


Deposit money:
In the United Kingdom:
For the credit of 'Dar al Iman Orphan Fund'
Natwest Harrow Weald Branch
Sort code:          60-10-12
Account No:          86035126
In Pakistan:
For the credit of 'Dar Al Iman Foundation'
Standard Chartered Bank
F-7 Markaz Branch, Islamabad.
Account No:     01-0351804-01

Send a cheque or deliver money in  U.K. to:
'Dar al Iman Orphan Fund'
52 Sefton Avenue
Harrow Weald
Cheques made payable to 'Dar al Iman Orphan Fund'

Send a cheque or deliver money in Pakistan to:
'Dar Al Iman Foundation'
House no: 433, street 17, Block C, Pak PWD ECHS Society, Lohi Bher,

Jazakum-Allah khairan for all your support and co-operation.

Wassalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Abu Sarah, Mohammad Monis Bungish.


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