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25-05-2010 @ 8:26 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu Nafi Abdul Wali Mujahid Hamidullah bin Booker T. Brown (Rochester,NY, USA)
Posts: 11
Joined: Jan 2006
As salaamu alaykum,

I was recently offered a teaching position in KSA. The recruitment company is Skyline Global, and they are associated with Al Khaleej. Does anyone know if this company is reputable as far as hiring for English teachers?

Abu Nafi'a

A sign (of a person) having love for Allaah is his increase in his rememberance of Him (Allaah), for verily you do not love something except that you increase rememberance of that (thing)"

Jaami' al-Uloom Wal-Hikm of Ibn Rajab (Rahimahullah) p. 444

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