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Posted By Topic: Extremism in Bloodshed - 'Ali al-Haddadi

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Abu Az-Zubayr Scott Harrison (Washington, USA)
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Shaykh 'Ali Ibn Yahya al-Haddadi states:

From the most horrible forms of extremism in the matter of Jihad is going to extremes in bloodshed, such that committing suicide is made permissible and labeled "martyrdom", the murdering of believers in Tawhid (Islamic monotheism) like security officers and detectives is considered allowable by excusing it as "self-defense". Killing women and children is deemed lawful by claiming they "harbor disbelievers", and murdering those (Non-Muslims) at peace with Muslims and those promised safety is made permissible by claiming them to be "enemy combatants" or by claiming to implement the prophetic statement:

"Expel the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula."

This is nothing but insolence and contempt for the religion of Allah, audacity and arrogance in belittling the spilling of sacred, innocent blood for the following reasons... 1

To read the full 5-page article, click here.

  1. This is an excerpt from the book "al-Ghuluww" (pp. 92-95) by 'Ali Ibn Yahya al-Haddadi.

Abu Az-Zubayr Harrison

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