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Posted By Topic: Mufti of Saudi Arabia: Those responsible are Mischief makers, Sinners and Criminals!

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You are most probably aware-noble Grand Mufti- of the suicide bombings, which have resulted in the killing of innocent people, that have taken place in Algeria and Morocco in the name of jihad, what advice do you offer in light of this?

The Mufti Abdul Azeez Aal-Ashaykh

I say: What occurred in Algeria and what occurred in Morocco is in no way Jihad. Actually this is oppression, transgression and a criminal act. Anyone who calls this Jihad is clearly mistaken...

The horrendous explosions that went off in Algeria that killed thirty three people and injured more than two hundred and what happened in Morocco, when those people blew themselves up, those responsible for these acts are not to be called Mujaahidoon. We refer to them as mischief makers, sinners, criminals and individuals who are upon error?..  


وقال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية:
لا عيب على من أظهر مذهب السلف وانتسب إليه واعتزى إليه بل يجب قبول ذلك منه بالاتفاق فإن مذهب السلف لا يكون إلا حقا
مجموع الفتاوى 4/ 149

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Abu Jameelah Michael ibn 'Abdullaah (Columbia, SC)
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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem, wa salaatu wa salaamu ala arasoolullaahi wal anbeeyah wal mursaleen, wa ala alihe wa ashabihe ajma'een,

I am sure this answer will never change for those who are upon what is correct.  May Allaah help us to see with the light of wisdom and hear with the ears of those who have knowledge,  speak with the truthfulness of the siddiqeen obey with the obedience of 'ibaadur-Rahmaan, Ameen.

May Allaah free us from all that is not based upon what He has established as our religion because without a doubt He is free from it Himself! Ameen

akhuk fillah,

Abu Jameealah Michael Latham

min 'abdillah:
Abu Jameelah Michael Latham

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