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Posted By Topic: The Calamity of bin Laadin - Shaykh Muqbil

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al- (London U.K.)
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In a meeting with al-Jareedah ar-Ra'iy, a Kuwaiti national newspaper [Dated 19th December 1998, Edition 11503] the Allaamah of Yemen Shaykh Muqbil said;

"I free myself before Allaah from Usaamah bin Laadin. He is a calamity and a trial for the Muslims (Ummah) and his actions are wicked!"

In the same meeting the Shaykh was asked;

"It is noticed that the Muslims in the west are subjected to hardship once a bomb goes off, no matter where in the world it occurs".

"I am aware of this. Some of our brothers from Britain called me complaining about the difficulty that they face...

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