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Posted By Topic: How the Terrorists fall into Kufr

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Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin bin Naasir al-'Ubaykaan hafidhahullah said:

"Is there anyone who does not do Takfeer on a person who explains something haraam to be halaal? Nobody says that he doesn't blaspheme! The one who explains something which is haraam to be halaal, is a Kaafir!"

"Some people(i.e. the takfiri-terrorists) say that these peoples lives are allowed to be taken. They say that they will kill the Muslims and the non-muslims' lives which are forbidden to take. They say that it's Jihaad. They say that this action is allowed. The fact is that this action is Kufr. This action is Kufr. These people are not only doing forbidden acts, rather, they are even doing acts of Kufr (A'maal Kufriyyah). This is done by explaining what Allaah has forbidden to be Halaal."

(cassette al-Ghuluww feet-Takfeer wa Atharuh 'alaa al-Ummah, part. 2)

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