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Posted By Topic: The advice of shaykh Abdullah Adh Dhamaari concerning the fitnah in Yemen

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First, we advise the youth with being concerned with beneficial knowledge and comprehending the religion of Allah (Lord of all that exist), to act upon what they know, to have piety, asceticism, taqwa, and fear of Allah the Lord of all that exist. In addition, to not meddle in affairs that dont concern them, nor talk about an affair that which they dont know. To not defame anyone nor talk in an affair except that they have knowledge, surety, awareness, and certainty.  

  Furthermore (we advise them) to busy themselves with that which will benefit them, and not that which will be a means for their time being wasted. Perhaps it could be harmful (to them) in front of Allah (Lord of all that exist). The slave is held responsible for every word (he utters). Allah says:    

"And indeed We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. (Remember) that the two receivers (recording angels) receive, one sitting on the right and one on the left. Not a word is does he utter but there is a watcher by him ready (to record). [Qaf: 16-18]  

Thus man is held responsible and (will be) questioned for every word that his tongue utters, so its imperative that he be cautious. The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salaam said: Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him speak good or keep quiet. He also said: Refrain from this while grabbing his tongue, so Muadh said: O Messenger of Allah will we be taken to account for what we say? The Prophet said: May your mother lose a child O Muadh! Will the people not be dragged on their faces and noses in the fire except by that which their own tongues have reaped?!  

  So people should be cautious from slips of the tongue for indeed the Prophet said (that which appears in Abu Dawud and Al Haakim from the hadith of ibn Umar): Whoever says about a Muslim that which isnt true then Allah will place him in the pus of the people of the fire until he leaves off what he said. And he said: Usury has seventy odd types. The lightest of it is like (a man) having sex with his mother, and the most highest of it is like the slave attacking the honor of his brother.  

So the slave must be cautious from talking about others, be busied with bettering himself, and busied with his own shortcomings. However what isnt intended here is preventing advice that is in accordance with the legislation of Allah, because advice is desired. Indeed the Messenger said: The religion is sincere advice. The companions asked: O Messenger of Allah for whom? He said: For Allah, His book, His messenger, to the leaders of the Muslims, and those in general. Narrated by Muslim.  The brothers advising one another, and aiding each other upon righteousness and fear of Allah is whats desired.  

"Help you one another in righteousness and fear of Allah [Al-Maidah:2]

By the time. Verily, man is in loss. Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth and recommend one another to patience. [Al Asr:1-3]  

However, we advise our brothers with gentleness, lenience, and preservation of the brotherhood. The brotherhood is more precious than this world and everything in it. Thus (we maintain) the brotherhood in the religion, in Islam, and in the sunnah, because Ahlis Sunnah are strangers in this time. Rather Sufyan said: I advise you all with being good towards Ahlis Sunnah for indeed theyre strangers. That was in his time the strangeness today has only intensified. So its not permissible for Ahlis Sunnah to differ and split (from one another). Rather its obligatory for them to safeguard their brotherhood and that which theyre upon of good. And they are upon tremendous good and the praise is for Allah alone.  

  Ahlus Sunnah they are the people of truth, and correct methodology. They are the saved sect, the supported group. Thus its compulsory to warn against the plots of Shaytan, and the paths he uses to enter upon them (with strife and discord). Ahlus Sunnah seek to direct to the right path,---, to help each other upon good and in spreading the correct (Islamic) dawah and knowledge throughout the (Islamic) world. They visit each other and love one another. The Prophet said: By Him in whose hand is my soul, none of you will enter Paradise until you believe, and none of you believe until you love one another. Should I not point you all to an action if you do it itll be a means for you all loving one another? Spread the salaams among yourselves.  

So Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaaah are those who whore not partial to the opinions of anyone, nor do they insistently cling to anyone. Rather they traverse upon the truth wherever its found. Due to this Ahlus Sunnah commend all the scholars and give credit to them. They commend, respect, and honor the people of knowledge. Whenever they find a mistake from a scholar or they see several mistakes they earnestly search in order to make an excuse for him. Perhaps the mistake was from ijtihad and not deliberate. In light of this, its not permissible to defame anyone from the people of knowledge. Rather that which is compulsory is them being praised, commended, and that the people are directed to them and their religious verdicts, dawah, and methodology.  

To reiterate, it is not permissible for us to defame the scholars of Ahlis Sunnah those who are upon the correct methodology, on the contrary its obligatory for us to love and honor them. Also to seek answers from them during discord, and to never entertain the discord between them. Indeed discord occurred between the companions and none of them defamed others from them. Likewise they didnt invent lies against each other. Muawiyyah differed with the chief of the believers Ali ibn Abi Talib but we cant find where Muawiyyah came with a fabricated narration (from the Prophet) in order to slander Ali, nor did Ali do anything similar to that. On the contrary they were respectful towards each other.  

Thus what is mandatory may Allah bless you-  is to aid one another upon righteousness and fear of Allah. The affairs that are specific to the people of knowledge necessitate that we return it back to them, and find relief in that. Furthermore we should not involve ourselves in the discord. In contrast, we entrust it to the people of knowledge they are the ones who will judge in the affair due to that which Allah has given them from knowledge. The entrusting to other than ourselves for the purpose of others (the scholars) bearing the burden is whats desired may Allah bless you.

Lastly, the Muslim should be cautious from slandering his brother or from having evil thoughts about him, because suspicion is from the devil.

O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion; indeed some suspicions are sins. [Al-Hujurat: 12]

We ask Allah that he makes us successful in implementation of actions that are in accordance with the Book and the Sunnah of His Messenger. Indeed He is the most merciful of those with mercy.

The 8th of Shabaan, 1429 yrs after the hijra of our beloved Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salaam  

Translated by Br. Najeeb Al Angelesi (SalafiTalk id: NajeebibnYusuf)

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