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Posted By Topic: Shaikh Rabee's Advice to Salafees in Egypt and other places

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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To the Salafi brothers in Egypt and other than it. May Allah guide them and make their steps firm.ıııııı ııııı ııııı ıııı ııııııı

And I proceed.

For verily I advise all of you to fear Allah. And with sincerity to Allah in statements and in actions. And to hold unto the book and the Sunnah and to hold unto the lofty manners in giving Da'wah to Allah from: Truthfulness, Patience, Humility and being lenient and gentle- for verily Allah loves gentleness in every matter- and Wisdom and Knowledge.

By these lofty manners the people will accept your da'wah and respect it. The I advise you to be brothers for Allah and to connect with each other and to visit each other for the sake of Allah for verily this strengthens the bonds of brotherhood between you. And I warn you against division and differences and their causes for verily this is what the devils of the Jinn and Mankind contented and weakens the da'wah and causes its disappearance.

And from what I would like to be paid attention to: That some people are saying that they have appraisals that came from me and it is possible that they spread it between the people and I don't remember anything from that.

(However) a man is appraised by his actions. Hence it is upon every Muslim to appraise himself with beneficial knowledge and good deeds and lofty Islamic manners.

May Allah guide you and make your steps strong and bring love between your hearts.

Your brother for the sake of Allah: Rabee' Ibn Haadi 'Umair Al Madkhali

16/4/1430 Hijreeyah.

Translated from on the Trinimuslims forum by Br. Musa Millington hafidhahullah (salafitalk id: MusaMills)

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