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Posted By Topic: Shaikh Khalid Ar-Raddadee Warns Against

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assalamualaikum wa rahmatu allah

  Shaikh Khalid Raddadi call me today and asked me to post this at salafi sites against .


A Clarification and Declaration

All praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings upon the Prophet (Muhammad) after whom there is no prophet.

I have previously spoken words of praise and recommendation (tazkiyah) of the website ?Al-Athari Network (Shabakah Al-Athari)?, and similarly I have briefly participated on the site with some writings.

I said these things based upon having good opinion about them and hoping for a positive response from those responsible for the website, and out of concern for unity and solidarity...

Despite this it has now become clearly apparent to me ? being fully acquainted with the issue ? that this network ? i.e. ?Al-Athari? is a network of fitnah, false rumours, evil, extremism, and lack of responding to any advice or guidance; they do not value any scholar or student of knowledge but instead follow their desires and what Shaytan beautifies for them. Their attempts at being connected with some scholars or students of knowledge are but for the purpose of defamation, provocation and deception, in line with their false, conniving ways!

Those responsible for this site have no habit but instigating fitan, splitting, provoking trouble accompanied by cursing and heaping abuse on others and attempting to bring out any type of slip-up or defect against any Salafi who does not agree with them on the deviancy they are upon, such that he will be falsely accused of hizbiyah or bid?ah, after which heaps upon heaps of curses and calumnies will be poured on him from their direction!

Accordingly, I turn to Allah and free myself from these people, and I seek His forgiveness for what I did previously, and I warn the brothers from this network and its crooked ways!
I ask Allah to rebut the plots of the trouble makers, those guided by ulterior motives, the fools and the impostors, and that He turns their plots around on them, and that He protects the Muslims from their harms and evils.

Written by:
Khalid b. Qasim Al-Raddaadi
Al-Madinah Al-Nabaweeyah
03 / 10 / 1425H

this is the arabic post in :

Translated by Brother Abu Zaynab Owais Al-Hashimi jazahu Allahu khairan

wa jazakum allah khairan

  abu zeiad al athary
     Khalid Bagais
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May Allaah reward the Shaykh and bless his efforts.


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