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Posted By Topic: Shaykh 'Ubayd about testing people (Al Imtihaan)

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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Shaykh 'Ubayd about testing people (Al Imtihaan)

Shaykh Ubajd al- jaabiree(hafiduhu Allah)of al Madeenah on tesing the people by asking about their positions on the scholars of the sunnnah and the people of innovation


Is a man to be tested by(his position on) the scholars of the sunnah,or is he to be tested by (his position on)the people of innovatios and desires?


I say:The answer to this issue is from two angles.The first angle is regarding teting someone whose position needs to be known,or someone who is basically unknown,a person who comes into the ranks of ahlus-sunnah and you need to know something about him,or just a person whose reality is unknown.He can be tested so that his affair is known.The proof for this is what is found in saheeh muslim,reported by Muaawiyah
Ibn al-haham as-sulamee,may Allah be pleased with him.He had a slave-girl that used to keep watch over his ship.So a wolf came and ate one of the sheep.So when  he came and his slave girl informed him of what happened,he became angry and slapped in herface.
Then he left remorse about it,so he went to the profet (sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam)and told him what happened between them.He noticed that the profet(sallallaahu alayhe we sallam) was disturbed,so he aid,O messenger of Allah !I own a slave (other than her),shall I not free him?radija Allahu anhu-He wanted to offer an expiation for his mistake,Radija Allahu anhum wa adaahum. I ask Allah,the Generous,the Lord of the mighty throne O muslimoon and muslimaat to make me and you among them in this life and  the hereafter,upon the firm statement.So the prophet (s.a.w.s ) said:Bring her to me and I will see if she is a believer.This is since she was a shephered,and they are predominantly people who have not submitted to islaam,or people who do not understand the religion in its true sense.So he brought her to the messenger (s.a.w.s)
He said to her:Where is Allah?She said,Above the sky.He then said to her:And who am I ?She said ,you are the messenger of Allah.And in some of the versions of the hadeeth,when he asked where is Allah,she guestured towards the sky since she was an Ajamiyyah(a non-Arab),And when he asked her about himself,she guestered towards him and the sky,as if to say,You are the Messenger of the one above the sky.So this hadith
makes known,o muslimoon and muslimaat the methodology of the truth,that was found among the salaf .Perhas I can phrase that better by aying:It proves clearely how much attention the salaf paid to Aqeedah(beliefs),That they used to teach the people ,even the shepherds.In this case,a slave-girl,a shepherd,was not left to be ignorant,rather her master taught her the pure correct Aqeedah of Tawheed.And today we find those who say,We are in the land of tawheed and muslims are people of tawheed,so there is no need to teach tawheed.with this ,you find people who say that Allah is everywhere.
This is something we are tried with.You can ask some people who are from the people on the grounds of Haramayan(the twi sanctuaries,Makkah and al-Madeenah),he lives with the people of haramayn(and live among)the people of Tawheed and sunnah ask them about Allah and you will find them saying:Allah is everywhere,on mountains and in trees,everywhere.Maashaa Allah.Heedlessness about the affairs of Aqeedah..Secondly,
this hadeeth shows that a person whose affair is not clear may be tested.So that his affair is made clear to the people.Likewise,when tribulations have spread,and everything is in a state of chaos,and the peple of the sunnah fear that some may come into their ranks who are not truly people of sunnah like them,then they may test the people (and judge them)by their actions and statements,so that their affair becomes known.The second affair,or the second angle (in response to this question),is that the imtihaan(test) is to revolve around the people of virtue and taqwaa. is that the imtihaan(test) is to revolve around the people of virtue and taqwaa.This is the case when tribulations spread,the storm of innovations rage through the people,causing rifts and openings for evil people to enter among the people of Islaam,so thus they slip in,people who plot against Ahlus-sunnah with serious plots,and plan strategically against them.They may be given an imtihaan,they may be asked about the most virtuous of the people,the most pious of the scholars.This is based on what has been narrated from the salaf,that they used to say,Test the people of Madeenah by(asking them about )Maalik.And test the people of Egypt by(asking them about)al-Layth Ibn Sad.And test the people of Shaam by (asking them about )AL-Awzaa'ee.And test the people of Mawsil by (asking them about) Muaafaa ibn Imraan,
What is intended is that these peoples affairs will become clear when the positions on the scholars are made known.So where shows respect for the scholars,speaks well of them,and dislays love for them,then he deserves to be drawn close and honored.and if he speaks ill of them,talks agains them,and degrades them,then he is to be repelled.This was (established)long ago.As for the people of innovation,then they are not to be the subject of an Imtihaan(the people are not tested by them).Their opposition to the sunnah is to be clarified,and the people are not to be tested regarding them.


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