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26-08-2003 @ 11:55 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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I was hoping some of the students of knowledge could help me with a few questions or if possible refer the questions to a scholar.

I wanted to know the procedure to be followed according to the sunnah from the death of a muslim to the burial. If the death occurs in a non muslim country is it permissible to take the body to a muslim country(country of orign) for burial.

What some muslims do is delay the burial so that family members can arrive for the funeral or so that the janaza can be prayed after the jummah prayer so that more people will be present.They delay the burial from periods ranging from two days and more. Is this permissible? .

What is happening to the muslim who has died, with regard to his soul, during this time?

Any information on what is permissble when visiting the grave of a deceased relative or what the prophet (sallallahu alaihi was sallam) did.

Is it permissible to have the grave marked in any way, ie flat stone/plaque with name and dates?( As i know erecting the graves is forbidden)

How charity should be given in the name of a deceased relative, ie where or to whom should it be given, from who's wealth can it be given?

If any of the brothers could refer me to any good books which deal with these issues.

Jazakallhu Khairan
wasalamu alaikum

07-03-2004 @ 2:27 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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as-salaamu 'alaykum,

check out this book:

aboo husaam shaheed ibn george williams
wichita, ks  usa

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