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New Releases @

We will use this thread to post all of the new C.D releases and we will try to update it upon a regular basis insha Allaah

To order any of the following C.D lectures please contact tel: +44 (0)121 7730003

Shaykh Muhammad al-Anjaree

S3.001CD The Life of the Companion, Abdullah Bin Zubair
S3.003CD The Rights of Parents
S3.024CD The Clear Distinction between the Daıwah as-Salafiyyah & the Political Calls
S3.030CD Unity (Winter Conf Bıham 04) (1 CD)
S3.031CD Face to Face Encounter Between a Scholar & a Khaarijee Jihaadi Youth
S3.032CD The Husband & Wife Establishing the Serene Islamic Home (2 CDs)
S3.033CD Our Call is to Correct What The People Have Corrupted From The Religion.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee

S5.000CD Deviant Sects of the 20th Century CE (Bıham 96) (2 CDs)
S5.002CD The Methodology of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaaıah (B-ham 97) (2 CDs)
S5.004CD Explanation of The Soorah: (Al-Humaza) (The Scandalmongers)"
S5.005CD Christmas (Tele-link 24/12/05, B-ham, U.K) (2 CDs)

Shaykh Yahyaa al-Haajurree

S8.010CD The Sunnah is a safeguard against deviation. (1 CD)
S8.017CD General Advice. Birmingham Winter Conference 2007. (1 CD)

Imaam Badee ud-Deen as-Sindee

S13.000CD Amulets, Taweez, Sunnah (URDU ONLY) (1 CD)
UBU.152.CD The Hijaab & Modesty (URDU ONLY) (1 CD)

Shaykh Saleh as-Suhaimi

S15.002CD Explanation of Surah Asr (2001). (1 CD)

Shaykh Abdullaah Ateeq al-Harbi

S17.001CD The Evil Effects of Fornication (Philly 2001). (1 CD)

Shaykh Ubaid al-Jaabiree

S21.000CD Words of Wisdom to the West. (1 CD)
S21.011CD Those who believe & do not mix their Imaan with Dhulm. (1 CD)
S21.012CD Fear Allaah Wherever You Are (Bıham Conf 08/ı04) (1 CD)
S21.014CD The Levels of Restraining The Soul Pt 1 Knowledge & Action(2CDs)
S21.015CD The Levels of Restraining The Soul Pt 2 Daıwah & Patience(2CDs)
S21.016CD Open Question and Answer session (Tele-link 05) (2CDs)
S21.021CD  Exp. of the Hadeeth of the Noble Companion Irbaad bin Saariyah
S21.022CD The 2 Resurrections After Death
S21.023CD An Explanation of the 4 Principles (4 CDs)
S21.024CD The Rectification of The Ummah (1 CD)
S21.025CD An Explanation of the Book of Fasting (Tele-link) (8 CDs)
S21.026CD An Explanation of the Book of Hajj & Umrah (7 CDs)
S21.027CD The Advice of the Messenger (Madinah FivePillars Umrah May 07)
S21.028CD The Advice of Wahb bin Qaysaan & The Rectification of the Ummah
S21.029CD And From His Signs is That He Created for you, From Yourselves, Spousesı

Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee

S22.000CD The Decisive Word on Group Partisanship. (1 CD)
S22.004CD Success Lies in Following the Correct Manhaj (Conf 02)(2Cds)
S22.007CD Important words of Advice (Bıham Conf 08/04) (2 CDs)
S22.008CD Advice to the Salafees (Tele-Link, Bıham, June 05)
S22.009CD General Advice (al-Istiqaamah) (Tele-Link, Conf, Aug 06)
S22.010CD As-Salafiyyah, The Balanced Path (Tele-Link)

Shaykh Falaah bin Isma.eel

S32.000CD The Six Fundamental Principles (03) (Set of 14 CDs)
S32.002CD The Effect of the Correct Aqeedah Upon Unity(2 CDs)
S32.004CD An Explanation of Soorah al-Asr (Bıham Conf 08/04)
S32.005CD Shaykh Rabeeıs Golden Advice to the Salafi Youth(2 CDs)
S32.006CD Question & Answer Session (Bıham Conf 08/04) (1 CD)
S32.012CD Say: I Believe in Allaah & Then be Upright (June 06)(4 C.Ds)
S32.013CD An Open Q&A Session with Shaykh Falaah (20/06/06)(2 C.Ds)
S32.014CD Virtues of Seeking Knowledge. Bradford. (09/06/06) (2 CDs)
S32.015CD Explanation of some Chapters of Waasitiyyah (Uloo, Istawaa & Ma.eeyah) (B-ham April 07)(6 C.Ds)
S32.016CD Rights of Brotherhood (Bham April 07) (2 C.Ds)
S32.018CD The Complete Guidance of Islaam (Conf Aug 07) (17 CD set)

Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukhaari

S33.000CD From the Principles of Ahlus-Sunnah: Unity & Coming Together upon the Truth (Bham Conf 08/04) (2 CDs)

Shaykh al-Allaamah Ahmad an-Najmee

S34.001CD Tawheed and Clinging to the Sunnah (Bıham Tele-Link 05) (1 CD)

Shaykh Khaalid ar-Radaadee

S35.000CD The Principles of Ahlus-Sunnah Regarding Splitting & Uniting (04) (1 CD)
S35.001CD Love & Brotherhood Between ahlus-Sunnah (13/2/05) (1 CD)

Shaykh Alee al Hadaadee

S36.001CD No to Terrorism (al-Athariyyah, London, U.K. 8/07/05) (1 C.D)

Shaykh al-Allaamah Abdullaah bin Ghudayaan

S37.000CD The Importance of Daıwah in the West and Characteristics of the Caller to Allaah (Tele-Link ı05)
S37.001CD The Right of Allaah upon the Servant (09/07/06) (1 C.D)
S37.002CD An Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed (Check Availability)
S37.004CD  Explantion of the Hadeeth (Qudsi) of Abi Dharr.Open Q & A (27/08/06)(2 CDs)

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab al-Aqeel

S38.000CD Points of Benefit from the Life of the Prophet P1 (June 05)
S38.002CD The Standing on the Day of Judgment (24/12/05, Bham, U.K)

Shaykh Sultaan al-Eid

S39.001CD Reflections upon the Life of Uthmaan bin Affaan(29/05/05) (1 CD)

Shaykh Musad ibn al-Husainee

S40.000CD Taqwah ı The Path to Success (Bham June Tele-Links 16.6.05)

Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee  

S41.000CD Love For The Sake Of Allaah (Bham June Tele-Links 17.6.05)

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Luhaydaan

S42.000CD Patience in Calling to Allaah (Bham, 11.12.05) (1 CD)

Shaykh Ahmad as-Subaaıee

S44.001CD Sharh us-Sunnah (Bıham, June/July 07) (7 CD Set)

Daee Fuaad al-Amree

C11.000CD The Aqeedah of Abu Haatim & Abu Zurıah ar-Razee (June 05)(7 CDs)
C11.001CD ıSave Yourselves & Your Families From The Fire (05) (1 CD)

Daee Abu Hakeem Bilaal

C7.016CD From Unbelief to Belief (1 CD)
C7.021CD The Methodology of the Prophets in calling to Allaah (02) (1 CD)
C7.026CD Persecution of the Prophet & afflictions in the way of Allaah (Khutbah 06/03) (1 CD)
C7.029CD Jihaad of the Messenger & Death of the Messenger (03) (1 CD)
C7.037CD The Battle Between Truth & Falsehood: Past & Present (2 CDs)
C7.039CD The Life of Sufyaan ath-Thawree (Khutbah 03). (1 CD)
C7.043aCD The Seven Deadly Sins. (1 CD)
C7.044CD The Tongue ı A Blessing from Allaah (Khutbah 09/03) (1 CD)
C7.045CD Major Sins ı Interest & Lying upon the Religion (03/04) (1 CD)
C7.046CD Major Sins ı Withholding Zakat/Disobedience to Parents(03/04)
C7.047CD Major Sins ı Fornication & Adultery (Khutbah 04/04) (1 CD)
C7.048CD We are United in Salafiyyah (Ramadhan 11/03) (1 CD)
C7.049CD Major Sins ı Kibr (Pride) (Khutbah) (1 CD)
C7.051CD The Importance of Knowledge (1 CD)
C7.054CD Bribery, Fraud, Cheating & Celebrating the Prophets Birthday
C7.057CD Those who are shameless with their Women/ Imitation of the opposite sex (Khutbah) (05/04) (1 CD)
C7.058CD Female Scholars of the Past (05/04) (1 CD)
C7.059CD The Fitnah of the Women (Khutbah 06/04) (1 CD)
C7.060CD The Message of the Prophets (1 CD)
C7.061CD Major Sins - Ar-Riyaa (Khutbah 06/04) (1 CD)
C7.064CD Treachery (Khutbah 07/04) (1 CD)
C7.065CD Major Sins ı Hiding Knowledge & seeking it for the Dunya(07/04)
C7.066CD Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles (Parts 1-11)
C7.067CD An-Nushooz, Marital Discord (08/04) (1 CD)
C7.068CD The Role of Women in Daıwah (Cranford 04) (1CD)
C7.071CD The Appearance of Fitn in Our Times (trials) (Khutbah 10/04)
C7.072CD The Virtue of Ramadaan (Khutbah 10/ı04) (1 CD)
C7.073CD Ramadaan the Month of The Qurıaan (Khutbah 10/04) (1 CD)
C7.074CD The Virtues of Qiyaamul-Layl The Night Prayer (Khutbah 10/04)
C7.078CD The Means of Saving Oneself From Tribulations (Khutbah 02.07.04)
C7.082CD Life, Death and the Resurrection (Bham Winter Conference 04)
C7.086CD Revolting Against the Rulers & Takfeer upon the Sinners (Dec 04)
C7.089CD as-Sidq Truthfulness: The Story of Ka.ab Ibn Maalik (April 04)
C7.092CD Gold & Silk &The Plucking of Eyebrows, Hair Extentions & Pointing With Weapons (2 Sermons 05)(1CD)
C7.093CD Al-Ifk ı The Story of the Great Lie (Khutbah 20.5.05) (1 C.D)
C7.098CD In the Face of Terrorism in Our Times (Khutbah July 05) (1CD)
C7.099CD Terrorism a Perverse Ideology (Khutbah 15/07/05) (1CD)
C7.100CD Benefits from the Stories of the Prophets (Khutbah 15/07/05)
C7.102CD True Jihaad (Conference Bham 13/08/05) (1CD)
C7.103CD Forgotten Jihaad (Conference Bham 14/08/05) (1CD)
C7.104CD Stories of the Prophets: Aadam (3 sermons Bham Aug ı05) (1 CD)
C7.105CD The Mercy of Allaah & Tawbah (Khutbah Ramadhaan 05) (1 CD)
C7.109CD The Etiquettes of Brotherhood - Part 1 (2 Sermons Dec 05) (1 CD)
C7.111CD Signs of the Hour (25/12/05, Bham, U.K) (1CD)
C7.113CD Abstention Due to Piety (Khutbah 24/02/06) (1CD)
C7.114CD Realities of the Dunyaa (Khutbah 31/03/06) (1 CD)
C7.115CD Abandoning Envy & the Evil Eye (Khutbah 24/03/06) (1 CD)
C7.116CD Virtues of the People of Knowledge (Khutbah Bıham 07/06) (1 CD)
C7.119CD The Enmity of the Devil (Khutbah 28/07/06) (1 CD)  
C7.120CD Gossip & Tale Carrying / Isbaal (2 Sermons 12/04) (1 CD)
C7.121CD The Story of Noah (3 Sermons Oct/Nov 05) (1 CD)
C7.122CD Speaking Ill of the Sahaabah / The Slave of the Dirham (2 Sermons 05/06)
C7.124CD Life is Not a Bed of Roses. Masjid as-Salafi.(06/08/06)
C7.125CD al-Istiqaamah: Firmness Upon The Religion (2 Sermons April 06)
C7.126CD Satan: The Unseen Enemy (Khutbah Aug 06) (1 CD)
C7.127CD The Evil Effects of Sins (Bıham Conf: 26/08/06) (1 CD)
C7.128CD Prophetic Traditions (Bıham Conf: 28/08/06) (1 CD)
C7.129CD The Last Day, Its Names & Events (2 Sermons: Sept 06) (1 CD)
C7.130CD Protecting The Home From Devil (Khutbah: 18/08/06) (1 CD)
C7.131CD An Explanation of the Hadeeth of (The One That Prayed Badly) (13/12/06)
C7.132CD Descriptions of Paradise (Khutbah Jan 07) (1 CD)
C7.133CD A Brief Word Upon the Rights of Umrah. April 07 (2 CD Set)
C7.134CD Sins & Being Amazed with Oneself (2 Khutub June/July 07) (1 CD)
C7.135CD Descriptions of The Hellfire (3 sermons March 07) (1 CD)
C5.118CD Magic & Sorcery By Abu Khadeejah / Taqleed. June 07 (1 CD)
C7.137CD Points on Attaining The Path to Guidance (Conf. Khutbah 24/08/07)
C7.138CD The Characteristics of The Strangers. Khutbah: Aug 07 (1 CD)
C7.139CD The Six Rights of Brotherhood. Khutbah: Nov 07. (1 CD)
C7.140CD The Key to The Abode of Joy. Birmingham Winter Conference 07. (2 CDs)
C7.141CD The Story of Moosaa & itıs Relevance to The Day of Aashooraa. Khutbah 18/01/08 (1 CD)
C7.142CD The ill Effects of Backbiting, Slander & Gossip.(4 CDs)
C7.143CD Muhammad: The Messenger of Allaah Salallaahu alayhi wa Sallam. 3 Sermons Aug ı07 (1 CD)
C7.144CD Recompense is in Accordance to Your Deeds. Khutbah 25/04/08 (1 CD)
C7.145CD ıPearls of Guidance from the Pious Salaf of this Ummahı
C7.146CD Characteristics of the Strangers (2 Sermons Oct/Nov ı08) (1 CD)
C7.147CD Ikhlaas (sincerity) In The Religion (Khutbah Nov ı08)
C7.148CD Reflections from Ibnul Qayyim (wint. Conf 08)
C7.149CD Islaam, The Religion of Ease (Wint Conf ı08) (1 CD)
C7.150CD Methods in Seeking Knowledge (Wint Conf ı08) (1 CD)
C7.151CD What is Islam? (2 CD) Gloucestershire Nov ı09
C7.153CD Characteristics of the Slaves of Allaah (2 Sermons Feb ı09)
C7.154CD O Muslims Fear the Fire (19/06/09) Masjid as-Salafi (1CD)
C7.155CD The Manners of Seeking Knowledge. Bıham Conference ı09 (1 CD)

Daee Abu Khadeejah

C5.006CD Focus on Women: Salafi by Association. (1 CD)
C5.022CD Six Occasions when Dua is accepted (1 CD)
C5.038CD Reviving the Sunnah, Calling to Tawheed (Sri Lanka 02) (2 CDs)
C5.040CD A Talk to Children about Islaam (1 CD)
C5.047CD Tawheed: Call of the Prophets/Muıaath was sent to Yemen (Khutbah) (Feb 03) (1 CD)
C5.048CD The Future is for Islaam (Khutbah) (1 CD)
C5.050CD The Gates Jannah/Muharram (Khutbah) (March 03) (1 CD)
C5.051CD The Heart/2 Conditions of a Righteous Action (Khutbah 03) (1 CD)
C5.052CD Taqleed (Blind Following) (1 CD)
C5.053CD Major Signs of the Hour (Khutbah) (April 03) (1 CD)
C5.062CD Benefits in the Aqeedah & Manhaj in our times from Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzaan. (Bıham Winter Conference 03) (3 CDs)
C5.064CD Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzaanıs advice to the Ummah (Ramadhaan 03)
C5.065CD Protecting the Sunnah & the Scholars (1 CD)
C5.066CD The Lofty Status of the Companions (Bradford 04) (2 CDs)
C5.068CD Names & Attributes of Allaah (Sisters Circle) (Feb 04) (1 CD)
C5.069CD The Prophet & the Books ıSisters Circleı (April 04) (1 CD)
C5.070CD The Khawaarij are the Murjiah in Reality (Slough April 04)
C5.071CD Follow the Messenger & Allaah will Love You (04) (1 CD)
C5.073CD Enjoining the Good & Forbidding the evil (2 CDs)
C5.074CD The Importance of the Sunnah & Knowing its People (Mini Conf Bıham 06/04) (2 CDs)
C5.076CD Belief in the Hellfire & Paradise (1 CD)
C5.077CD The Dangers of Shirk (06/04) (1 CD)
C5.078CD The People of Sunnah are the People of Mercy (Khutbah 06/04)
C5.080CD The Cancer of Terrorism in Our Times (Khutbah 09/04) (1 CD)
C5.081CD Advice on Establishing an Islamic Home (05/04) (2 CDs)
C5.082CD Shirk The Greatest Nullifier (Khutbah 08/04) (1 CD)
C5.085CD As-Salaffiyah is the Path to Paradise(Winter Conf.04)(2 CDs)
C5.090CD Khawaarij Renegades & Suicide Bombers (Khutbah 22/07/05) (1 CD)
C5.091CD Clarification to the Media: Islaams War on Terror. Leeds (2 CDs)
C5.092CD The Prophetic Stance Against Terrorism (Conf.Bham '05) (2 CDs)
C5.093CD The Scholars And Their Qualities (19/11/05) (1 CD)
C5.094CD 4 Reasons for the Appearance of Bidah [Shaykh al-Fawzaan] (20/11/05) (1 CD)
C5.095CD Unity & a Dispraise of Splitting (by Shaykh al-Fawzaan) (26/11/05) (1 CD)
C5.097CD Singing & Acting ı From the Means of Dawah? (25/12/05, Bıham, UK) (1CD)
C5.098CD Another Talk to Children (25/12/05, Bham, U.K) (1CD)
C5.099CD O Children Follow the Sunnah (18/12/05, Bham, U.K) (1 CD)
C5.100CD In Defence of Muhammad, a Response to the Danish Cartoons (Khutbah 10/02/06) (1 C.D)
C5.101CD The Permissible and Impermissible Foods (12/02/06) (1 C.D)
C5.104CD Forced Marriage & Racism (Khutbah 10/03/06) (1 C.D)
C5.105CD Historical Causes of the Appearance of Innovations (Khutbah 17/03/06) (1 CD)
C5.106CD Introduction to Islaam for Young Children (Garmisch German Alps 9/4/06) (1 CD)
C5.107CD Marry The One With Religion (Khutbah 28/04/06) (1 CD)
C5.108CD 7/7 A Year On (Khutbah 7/7/06)(1 CD)
C5.109CD Hallmarks of the People of Sunnah (Check availability)(1 CD each)
C5.110CD Principles Related to Bringing About Unity of the Ummah (Bıham Conf: Aug 06)(2 C.Ds)
C5.111CD The Muslim Woman in a Modern World (Bham 06/08/06) (1 CD)
C5.112CD The Life of Imaam al-Bukhaari (Bham 05/02/06) (1 CD)
C5.113CD Eid: Days of Celebration (Oct 06) (1 CD)
C5.114CD Undercover Mosques (Feb 07) (1 CD)
C5.115CD Worship during adverse Weather Conditions (Feb 07) (1 CD)
C5.116CD The Path of The People of Hadeeth in Seeking Knowledge (1 CD) (Khutbah 23/02/07)
C5.117CD Saving The Youth From Destruction. Khutbah. Masjid as-Salafi. 13/07/07 (1 CD)
C5.118CD Magic & Sorcery By Abu Khadeejah / Taqleed Khutbah by Abu Hakeem June 07 (1 CD)
C5.119CD The Path to Guidance Have Jealousy For Your Deen (Conf. 24/08/07) (1 CD)
C5.120CD Istiqaamah: Remaining Steadfast Upon The Religion. Nov 07 (1 CD)
C5.121CD Sickness of the Heart and its Cures. 2 Sermons, Nov 07 (1 CD)
C5.122CD Love of The Prophet is in Following Him. Bham Winter Conference 07 (2 CDs)
C5.123CD Reality of Sufi Shaikhs. Khutbah at Masjid as-Salafi 08(1 CD)
C5.124CD Eid Milaad an-Nabee in Light of the Quraan & Sunnah. Khutbah @ Masjid as-Salafi. March 08 (1 CD)
C5.125CD The Life, Trials & Creed of Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab (check availability)
C5.126CD The Perils of Fornication: Focus On Teenagers. Khutbah 14/03/08 (1 CD)
C5.127CD Look Towards Your Companions (Khutbah 18/04/08) (1CD)
C5.128CD Follow Your Lord & Not Satan & Prepare for Life After Death (04/04/08) (Suitable For non-Muslims)
C5.129CD Advice to Mothers & Their Teenage Daughters 25/05/08
C5.130CD The Repentance of a Sinful Youth. Khutbah (06/06/08)
C5.131CD The Sternness of the Sahaabah Towards Bidıah. Khutbah (13/06/08)
C5.132CD Children & Parents, Conflict or Harmony?
C5.133CD The Religion is That Which Comes From Allaah & Not From the Minds of Men. Conf ı08(3 CDs)
C5.134CD How to Deal with Differences Amongst Salafees (Ramadhaan 08) (2 CDs)
C5.135CD The People Never Introduce something into the Religion Until They Replace Its Like From The Religon (3 CDs)
C5.136CD From The Sunnah is Adhering to the Jamaaıah. Wint Conf 08 1CD
C5.137CD ıBeware, in particular, of the People in Your Timeı Imaam al-Barbahaaree Wint Conf ı08 (1CD)
C5.138CD Principles Regarding Rectification of the Ummah: Rectification of Belief (19/12/08)
C5.139CD Principles Regarding Rectification of the Ummah: Rectification Begins With Oneself (02/01/09)
C5.140CD Rectification begins with knowing then acting (focus on the Palestinian Crisis and demonstrations (9/01/09)
C5.141CD 10 Evil Consequences of Envy & Jealousy (Khutbah 16/01/09)
C5.142CD Perils of Music & Singing (Khutbah 13/02/09)
C5.143CD Be Mindful of the Hellfire (Khutbah 20/02/09)
C5.144CD Salvation Through Righteous Deeds (khutbah 20/03/09)
C5.145CD Be Mindful of Your Prayer (3/07/09) (1 CD)
C5.146CD T2 The Ruling Upon Seeking Blessings From The Graves. 4 Sermons May/June ı09 (2 CDs)
C5.147CD T2 The Obligation of the Beard in Light of the Sunnah July ı09 (1CD)
C5.148CD T2 Preparing for the Hereafter - Choosing Misguidance July ı09 (1CD)
C5.149CD T2 The Excellence of Knowledge and the Scholars. Khutbah Bıham Conf ı09 (1 CD)

Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad Ali

C6.004CD The Messenger of Allaah Advises Ibn Abbaas (1 CD)
C6.045CD Its Haraam to be a Hizbee (1 CD)
C6.050CD If Speech Is Silver... Then Silence Is Golden (Goldie) (04)
C6.051CD A Clarification of Abu Usaamah's Deception (04) (1 CD)
C6.052CD The evils of sins, differing & seeking leadership (Dec O3)

Daee Abu Talhah Dawood Burbank

C8.006CD The Names & Attributes of Allaah (1 CD)
C8.007CD Riyaadh us-Saaliheen: Signs of Allaahıs love for his creation (ı03) (1 CD)
C8.008CD Riyaadh us-Saaliheen: Dignity & Calmness (04/04) (1 CD)
C8.009CD The Levels of the People in the Hereafter (2 CD)
C8.010CD An Explanation of Aqeedatut-Tahawiyyah of ash-Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (Parts 1-60) (1 CD each)
C8.011CD An Explanation of Lumıatul I.tiqaad of ash-Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (Check availability)
C8.012CD An Explanation of The Three Fundamental Principles of Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan (Check availability)

Daee Hasan as-Somaali

C9.000CD Khilafah upon the Quraan & Sunnah (Slough 02) (1 CD)
C9.003CD The Obligation of seeking Ilm before giving Dawah (USA 02)
C9.007CD The Ill Effects of Sins/Major Sins - Lying & Committing Suicide (Khutbah) (1 CD)
C9.008CD Principles in Explaining the Quraan (1 CD)
C9.009CD The Conditions of Laa ilaaha Illallaah (Mini Conf Bham 06/ı04)
C9.011CD Fear the Dunyaa (Philly 04) (1 CD)
C9.012CD Taking Account of ones action before death (Winter Conf 04)
C9.013CD al-Khawaarij: The Murderers of Ali (Conference Bıham 13/08/05)
C9.014CD The Death of The Prophet (SalAllaahu alayhi wa salam) (Philly 06) (1CD)
C9.015CD The Day of Judgement (Philly 06) (1CD)
C9.016CD The Battle Between Shaytaan & Mankind (Philly 06) (1CD)
C9.017CD Death: A Cup We Must All Drink From (Philly 06) (1CD)
C9.018CD Save Yourselves From The Fire (Khutbah) (1 CD)
C9.019CD Which of the Favours of Your Lord will you Deny (Bıham Conf. 25/08/07) (1 CD)
C9.020CD The Sweetness of Eemaan & its Irresistibility. Birmingham Winter Conf. 07 (1 CD)

Daee Abu Iyaad

C10.007aCD Purification is Half of Eemaan, (Bham Winter Conference 03). (2 CDs)
C10.007bCD Purification is Half of Eemaan (Mini Conf Bıham 06/04) (1 CD)
C10.008CD Tawassul seeking a means nearness to Allaah ı Intermediaries & Intercession (Bradford 04) (1 CD)
C10.009CD The Hadeeth of Muaadh: Entry into paradise & safety from the Fire(Bıham Winter Conf 04) (1 CD)
C10.011CD Principles from the Sunnah Regarding the Rulers (Conference Bıham 14/08/05) (1CD)
C10.011CD Minor Signs of the Day of Judgment (24/12/05, Bham, U.K)
C10.012CD The Rulings of Ruqyah, Prophetic Incantations. (Bham Conf: Aug 06)(2 C.Ds)
C10.013CD Nawawee.s Explanation of the Hadeeth "I have Forbidden Oppression Upon Myselfı" (1CD)
C10.014CD Part 2 Explanation of the Hadeeth "I have Forbidden Oppression Upon Myselfı" (1CD)

Daee Abdur-Raqeeb Abu Fudhayl

C13.001CD Righteous Actions (Khutbah 03/04) (1 CD)
C13.002CD My Lord I Seek Refuge in You in Four Matters (1 CD) 2/05/08 Khutbah

Daee Abdulilaah Lahmaamee

CM.019CD Defeating the Ideology of the People of Takfeer (Conference Bıham 14/08/05) (1CD)
CM.022CD And Death Will Come (Khutbah Masjid as-Salafi) (12/07/06) (1 CD)
CM.023CD Understanding the Deen is a Way Out of Fitan (Bıham Conf: Aug 06)(2 C.Ds)
CM.024CD The Advice of Luqmaan, the Wise, to His Sons (26/08/07) (2 C.Ds)

Quraan Recitation

Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sudais
Q1.000CD 30th Juzz & Duaa (1 CD)
Q1.001CD Soorahs Ta-haa, Faatir, Saad, ad-Dukhaan, al-Jaathiyah, al-Hujaraat (1 CD)

Saad al-Ghamadee
Q2.000CD Saad & 30th Juzz ı  (1 CD)
Q2.001CD Soorah al-Aıraaf ı (1 CD)
Q2.003CD Soorah Yunus, Yaaseen & as-Saafaat ı (1 CD)

Abdul-Wudood Haneef
Q3.000CD 30th Juzz ı  (1 CD)

Abdullaah bin Alee al-Basfar
Q4.000CD Soorah An-Nisaa - (1 CD)
Q4.001CD Soorah al-Baqarah - (2 CDs)
Q4.002CD Soorah al-Insaan to al-Mursalaat & Juzz Amma (1 CD)

Salaah Budayr
Q5.000CD Soorahs as-Sajdah, ad-Dukhaan, al-Jaathiyah, ar-Rahmaan, al-Jinn, al-Muzzamil, al-Muddathir, al-Qiyaamah, al-Insaan, al-Mursalaat ı (1 CD)

Khalid ar-Rumayh
Q6.000CD Soorah An-Nisaa (1 CD)

Abdul-Baaree ath-Thubaitee
Q7.000CD Soorahs ar-Room, al-Israa, at-Toor, an-Najm ı (1 CD)

Ahmad bin Alee al-Ajamee
Q8.000CD Soorahs Yoosuf, ar-Raıd, Ibraaheem ı (1 CD)

Salaah bin Abdur-Rahmaan Bukhaatir
Q9.001CD Soorah al-Baqarah (2 CDs)

Saalih bin Muhammad bin Ibraheem aal Taalib
Q10.001CD Furqaan, Sabaı, Waaqiıah, Mıaarij & Naaziıaat (1 CD)

Q10.002CD al-Faatihah, aj-Jinn, al-MUzammil, al-Muthathir, al-Qiyaamah, al-Insaan, al-Mursilaat, an-Nabaı, an-Naaziıaat, ıAbasa, at-Takweer, al-Infitaar, al-Mutafifeen, al-Inshiqaaq, al-Burooj & at-Talaaq (1 CD)

Q10.003CD Saad, az-Zumr, ad-Dukhaan, al-Jaathiyah, al-Ahqaaf & Muhammad (1 CD)

Q10.004CD ar-Rahmaan, al-Waaqiıah, al-Hadeed, al-Mujaadilah, al-Hashr, al-Mutahinah & as-Saff (1 CD)


P1.001CD Nooniyah al-Qahtaaniyy (The Aqeedah in poetry form - Arabic) (1 CD)

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Clinging to SIDQ
Truthfulness & and Avoiding Wickedness

By Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid

Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, 02/04/10

C5.155 - 1 CD

Abu Maryam Taariq bin 'Ali
Birmingham UK CD@SalafiPublications.Com

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By Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid

Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, 30/04/10

C5.156 - 1 CD

Abu Maryam Taariq bin 'Ali
Birmingham UK CD@SalafiPublications.Com

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They Are Those Whom Allaah is Pleased With

By Shaykh Falaah ibn Isma'eel al Mundikar

Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, April 2010

S32.019 - 5 CD Set

Abu Maryam Taariq bin 'Ali
Birmingham UK CD@SalafiPublications.Com

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This Life
The Grave & The Hereafter

By Abu Idrees Muhammad

Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, May 2010

C6.006 - 1 CD

Abu Maryam Taariq bin 'Ali
Birmingham UK CD@SalafiPublications.Com

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Birmingham Annual Conference 2010

CD Audio Release

Ramadhaan & Excellence of the Quraan
By Shaykh Ubayd al Jaabiree

The Strangeness of the Sunnah
By Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al Madkhali

Being Patient Upon Seeking Knowledge (2 CDs)
By Shaykh Ahmad as-Subayee

Spreading the Truth & Refuting Falsehood (2 CDs)
By Shaykh Ahmad as-Subayee

Examples on the Life of the Strangers
By Falaah bin Ismeaal al Mundikaar

Times of Strangeness -Ghurbah-
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan

Issues Related to Manners & Character Within Islaam
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan

Know Your Enemy
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan

More to Follow insha Allaah....

Abu Maryam Taariq bin 'Ali
Birmingham UK CD@SalafiPublications.Com

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Do Not
The Youth From


By Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid

Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, 15/10/10
C5.158 - 1 CD

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The Importance of Hajj
& The Significance of the  

First 10 days of Dhul Hijjah

By Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid

Available at Salafi Audio

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The Realities of

By Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

Available at Salafi Audio

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