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» The Shaykh, 'Allaamah Saalih Al-Fawzaan: It is possible that an individual possesses a degree and he is the most ignorant of the people.
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Posted By Topic: The Shaykh, 'Allaamah Saalih Al-Fawzaan: It is possible that an individual possesses a degree and he is the most ignorant of the people.

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Is it sufficient for the person who desires to teach the people
about the matters of their religion that they possess a university degree
or is it necessary for them to have an appraisal and recommendation
(Tazkiyyah) from a scholar?

It is necessary that they have knowledge as not everyone who possesses a
degree becomes a scholar. They must have knowledge and understanding of the
religion of Allah. A university degree does not prove that someone has

It is possible that an individual possesses a degree and he is the most
ignorant of the people. Likewise, he may not possess a degree and he is
from the most knowledgable of people.

Did Shaykh Ibn Baz, Shaykh Ibn Ibraheem and Shaykh Ibn Humaid have degrees?
Even though [they did not have degrees] they were the Imams of this era.

The most important thing is whether the person has knowledge and
understanding and not degrees nor recommendations and appraisals. This does
not carry weight. Yes.

However, real events uncover the reality of a person. If a matter arises or
a calamity occurs, then it becomes clear who is a scholar from the one who
feigns knowledge and the one who is ignorant. Yes.

Brothers and sisters do not be fooled!


Yasir Qadhee graduated and possesses a Masters degree. He is now studying
his PhD in Yale. This did not prevent him from signing the pledge with the
Sufis and look at what he recently said about events in Egypt (a statement
that any brothers or sister who studied Usool As-Sunnah would not make):

'I say this loud and clear: as Allah is my witness, my heart jumped for
joy as I heard news of these protests, and saw the masses of Egyptians pour
out onto the streets, wanting positive change, tired of the puppet-regime
that had ruled them for three decades, confronting tanks with their bodies,
prostrating to Allah in front of the troops even as they are doused with
water guns. How can the heart of ANY believer not be overjoyed seeing the
courage that the average Muslim has in opposing the tyrannical regimes that
they are living under? And note as well that the protesters are unarmed and
non-militant ı this is not ıfighting against the rulerı but rather
protesting against injustice! Lastly, we turn to the scholars of that
region to actually pronounce a verdict on those rulers, and to comment on
whether their ıruleı was even an Islamically permissible one to begin with,
such that we can can quote ahadith in support of such rule!'

Suhaib Hasan Who possesses a PhD. However, this did not prevent him from
attempting to portray that his sonıs affirmation of evolution and Darwinism
is considered to be Taıweel and Ijtihaad. By Allah, many infants understand
and know that Usamahıs position is clear Kufr.

Abu Muslimah graduated from the Islamic University. This did not stop his
tongue from claiming the scholars of the Kingdom were blind followers.

Abu Usamah...Enough has been said about this miskeen so I will not waste
time or energy.

Bilal Philips...

And last but not least Shadeed Muhammad who has waged a war against the
Salafis in the West and who has fought to discredit our scholars but then
ends up disgracing himself and those who embraced him by accepting a job at
UMM. When you hear his principles and reasoning it sounds like a ranting

The list could go on and on...

Alhamdu lillaah, there are brothers that have graduated that have aided the
Salafi da'wah and connected us to the scholars. May Allah bless them all
and make them firm.

The message is clear the people of the Sunnah will not be duped by an
administration or student!

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