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Posted By Topic: The Muslims' Greeting [as salaamu 'alaykum]

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As salaamu 'alaykum,

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

Attached is a small translation on some of the rulings and benefits of the Muslims' greeting (as salaamu alaykum). I ask Allah, The Most High, to make it sincerly for him. I also ask Him to make it of benefit to myself and to all of my brothers and sisters in Islaam.

Jameel Finch

Attached FileTheSalaam.doc (38 Kbytes)

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as salaamu 'alaykum,

Sorry, the first attachment has some errors in the footnotes. Inshaa Allah, this one is O.K.

Jameel Finch

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Damilola Sadiq ibn Owodunni (Lagos, Nigeria || Eastern Province, KSA)
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JazaakAllahu khayraa.

Regarding the verse,
 An-Nisa (4):86

When you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it, or (at least) return it equally. Certainly, Allh is Ever a Careful Account Taker of all things.

Did the Salaf use this as proof that the reply to the salaam's should be at least the same length as than the original or longer? And is there proof in the Sunnah for this? (I have heard that there is a hadith in Sahih Bukhari, I'll appreciate it if this can be quoted.)

Insha Allah, adding something regarding this would make the article more complete.

BaarakAllahu feekum

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