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» Sh. Ubayd al-Jaabiree deals with the likes of Dr. Amina Wadud
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Posted By Topic: Sh. Ubayd al-Jaabiree deals with the likes of Dr. Amina Wadud

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14-03-2005 @ 2:51 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Aboo Dihyah Dawud Adib (Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.)
Posts: 265
Joined: Sep 2002
Inshaa Allaah, this coming Thursday March 17th on Paltalk, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree will be addressing the affair of an American 'muslim' woman, Dr.Amina Wadud.

All those (especially the women) who can visit that (Paltalk) room on that day after Dhuhr Eastern Standard Time should.

Among some of her 'progressive' beliefs is that she makes istihlaal (deeming something haraam halaal) of same gender marriages.

Many of her supporters and endorsers are [Muslim] men!

May Allaah protect us and families!

She a professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, will be the first woman to lead a public, mixed-gender Friday prayer. She will also deliver the Friday sermon...on March 18, 2005 Muslim women will reclaim their right to be spiritual equals and leaders. Women will move from the space tradition has relegated them in the back of the mosque and pray in the front rows.

Dawud Adib the son of David C.White Sr.

وقال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية :" الراد على أهل البدع مجاهد"

17-03-2005 @ 4:25 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu Bakr As-Somali SBIIC (cardiff,UK)
Posts: 68
Joined: Apr 2003
this is what some of the ulama said about this issue the likes of the mufti of saudi Arabia and shaikh Fawzaan hafidahumulaaha

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11-03-2007 @ 9:50 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm abdulkareem bint Muhammad (uk)
Posts: 21
Joined: Apr 2003
Asalaamu alaykum wa'rahmatullaah wa'barakaatuh

I have been searching for the audio that has the refutation of shaykh Ubayd hafidahullah on this women Amina wudud and couldn't find it on any of the websites.
Please if anyone knows where it can be found, could you please post the link for it.It would of great benefit to those of us who have not heard the refutation and remind for those who have.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jazaakumllaahu khayran.

umm abdulkareem bint Muhammad

11-03-2007 @ 6:32 PM    Notify Admin about this post
. Abdulilah Rabah Lahmami (Al Madeenah, S. Arabia)
Posts: 327
Joined: Sep 2002
assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatulaah,

The cd is available at the slough bookshop, uk

contact the shop there and inshaallaah they will assist you.

قال تعالى:{إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون}
قال الشيخ السعدي - رحمه الله - في تفسيره (3/31): " فلا يحرف محرف معنى من معانيه( القرآن ) إلا وقيض  الله له من يبين الحق المبين وهذا من أعظم آيات الله ونعمه على عباده المؤمنين".

26-05-2007 @ 7:56 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Oem Safouan Assalafia (Amsterdam)
Posts: 4
Joined: Apr 2007
Can someone inshaAllah translate what sheikh Fawzaan hafidahu Laah said about her?

'Al-'ilm qabl alqawl wal 'amal' {AlBoukhari}

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