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Posted By Topic: Hudood in America?

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Q1: Do muslims living in the Kaafir lands have the authority to implement a punishment on criminals in thier community, is there any daleel for or against this?

Q2: If the crime is Burglury, may a beating be implemented rather than the amputation of the hand, again is there any daleel for or against this?

The ones who are currently involved in this behavior are extremely new to the da'wah, rather Allaah has guided them from gangbanging to the Nation of Kuffer to W.(orthless) D.(eviant) to tableegh/tasuwwuf etc. So, Bearing in mind that they have within them mostly individuals that have been apart of atleast 1 of the above mentioned deviant/kaafir org's we wish to offer naseehah to them becuase we see that they are searching for the haqq.

wa salaam

aboo ibraheem as-salafee

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As Salaamu Alaykum ,
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet said, "Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters), and do not make it hard for them and give them good tidings and do not make them run away (from Islam)." (Bukhari #69)

SubhanaAllah! Why do the people wish to harm the muslims!?. So here we are in the midst of the worst criminals (i.e. the kufaar, mushriks- those who ascribe partners to Allah) and oppressors of truth. But we exclude them from this hudood. But only the muslims are to have there hands cut off, backs flogged and and other forms of hudood exacted upon them? This is how is how we judge!? Allahu musta'aan. This is foolishness. Here we have zaid and amr who can't even remember the five pillars and six articles of emaan without mixing the two but still yet want to execute the hudood in the land of the kufaar, not on the kufaar but on the muslims. The Judgement of Allah and His Messenger is for all of mankind. Allahu musta'aan. How do we judge!? This is the ways of abu muslimah al-dajjal. Punishing and being hard upon the muslims, especially the sinners and easy upon ahlul bida' wa ahwaa (peopel of innovation and desires). Naam. I don't say this of you brother who posted this but those people who are upon this ignorant qutby way. Ready to make takfeer of the muslim and harm them like the khawarij they would kill the Sahaba of the Messenger of Allah 'alayis salatu wa salam' and walk upon a fruit tree belonging to a jew and take there from and then make thier upmost effort to find they jew so that they can repay him for taking the fruit. Allahu musta'aan. This is the way of the people who are majnoon and without wisdom may Allah on this day of ours save us from the fire and guide us from all the deviant paths. ameen.
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as salaamu alaikum,

These questions were originally posted in order to collect daleel against such practices.

I myself am sure of this being haraam.  For one, they have taken it upon themselves to adjust the law of Allaah with regards to the criminals (who actually were not muslims, they were of the kufaar)by beating them instead of amputation of thier hands. And secondly, their justification for giving a beating rather than choping the hands was that the choping carried a severe "18" year sentance here in America.  The fear of the jail sentance alone establishes that these brothers are not in any position of authority to give a hudood out, rather we live in a kaafir state and must abide by thier legal system when it is not conflicting with our shariah.  I am asking for daleel becuase the brothers who were involved with the beating think that they are infact implementing the sunnah becuase they have not come across anything preventing the muslims in kaafir states from implementing the hudood. I wish to give them the benefit of the doubt and gather daleel for them so that they may rectify thier situation.

so i ask again, if anyone who has dealt with such situations as are reported to have taken place in the communities of both abu mubsidah and jameel al-amin al-hizbee have collected such a daleel so that it may be shared and spread to put an end to a commen trend amongst some in the american communites.

Jazakhullahu Khieren,

aboo ibraheem

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