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Posted By Topic: Assistance needed-barak Allahu' feek.

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As-Salaamu' Alaikum wa' Rahman tu'lahi wa'berta khatu al-athariyyoon, as-salafiyoon, ya' ahlus-sunnati'wal-jam'aah.
A sister needs help with the below questions insha-Allah and it is clear the question is directed to the 'ulamah via the established tulabul'elm from amongst us.

(start of help)
As salaamu alaikum wa rahamtulah

Do children in polyganous marriages have to have their time on their mother's time only? For example, if there are physician's appts. or some masjid/school function, should these be scheduled only on the time that has been alloted on their mother's time?

Or is it permissible for the father to attend/participate regardless of what wive's time there is?

Also, if an event was attended by the father, does he have to make up the time to the other wife? It seems this can get a bit complicated if there are multiple children involved in both marriages.

In summary I would like to know if time spent by the man with his offspring is a seperate issue from his wives allotted time.

jazakallahu khairun
(end of help)

Stated Imaam Aboo ?Amr ?Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn ?Amr al-Awzaa?ee (d.179H) - ?Stick to the aathaar of those who have preceded (man salaf), even if the people reject you.  And beware of the opinions of men, even if they beautify it for you with speech.  So the affair is young and you are upon a Straight Path with regards to it.?

Saheeh: Related by al-Bayhaqee in al-Madkhal (no. 233), al-Khateeb in Sharaf Ashaabul-Hadeeth (no. 6), Ibn ?Abdul-Barr in al-Jaami? (1/170), by way of al-?Abbaas Ibnul-Waleed from his father.

Baarak-Allaahu Feekum - wa sal-Allaahu wa-sallam 'alaa Nabiyyinaa Muhammad,
was-Salaam 'alaykum wa-Rahmatullaahe wa-Barakaatuh.

Abu' Salafi'ayn
-From As-Salafiyoon in Columbus-

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