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Posted By Topic: This requires the attention of the scholars_PLEASE HELP

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08-05-2003 @ 4:01 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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assalamu alaykum wa rahmatu allah wa bariaktu

I have a situation that requires serious attention, help, naseehah, and fatwa inshallah ta'ala. I pray someone on this forum can get this to the attention of the Ulema as soon as possible.

I am a young sister living in the evil USA. The community where I am in are big time devients. My husband is upon what they are upon. This masjid in Jersey City, NJ (Masjid al-tawheed)is well known to be qutbee. They are some mean ol Egyptian nationalist (the leaders and the majority of the people). They are very into dressing like the kufr and copying the kufr in their celebrations. They even have gatherings on the eids that are completely mixed. (these are just some things) I have been having problems with my husband since I FIRST married him (we been married 3 yrs) He has from about 4 months into the marriage (when I became pregnant exactly) been verbally abusive, calling me things like bintul kalb and cursing at me with the well known "F" word and other such curses. He has hit me in the past, made takfeer of me in the past, and accuses me all the time of not fearing Allah ta'ala. I have been being patient with him and making excuses for him these past three years. I have been giving him advice and calling him to what his correct but he continues to be disobedient to the sunnah of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam. He speaks ill of the scholars. He says that the scholars "are not to be obeyed for everything they say because they can err." This is his excuse to follow the devients in their misguided fatwaas. He has outwardly amongst others (his companions) spoken ill of Shaikh Rabee' hafithuallah. He accuses the Shaikh of splitting the ranks of the salafees and accuses him of doing this intentionally to hold the high rank in the eyes of the salafees.

I believe that inshallah wa allahu alim divorce is best the thing is my family are evil kufr. So I do not know of a place to go for NOW other than his house. This is becoming a great distress and sadness upon me. I do not wish to sit with the devients but I become so lonely in my very, very small apartment that I at times give in just to relieve some stress. I forgot to mention that since the very beginning of our marriage my husband has not and does not sit down with me to give me company. He prefers to sit with his friends at the coffee shop, go play soccer on his time off and sit at the PC. He is totally neglectful to me as he NEVER spends quality time with me. He leaves me alone at home all the time, the only time he takes me out is to sit with his companions wives.

The question is where do I go from here? I do not love him. As he hurts my eeman and he hates and is against what I love and what I live for. (Allah subana wa ta'ala, Rasululah sallahu alahi wa sallam, the noble scolars and this blessed manhaj, dawatus-salafiyyah).
I need:
-serious attention to this matter

If the scholar wishes to speak to me or/and my husband I can provide phone numbers and email addresses upon request. Insallah Ta'ala


05-11-2003 @ 5:41 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Dear Sister, may Allaah help you in your affairs and prevent you from facing the evil you have mentioned. We suggest that in the absence of anyone posting any advice to the Scholars, which can be sometimes difficult for the members of this forum to obtain to specific situations like these, that you contact Abu Uwais, whom we believe is in or around your area. If you need contact details then we hope someone can send them to us, or to the sister by private message.

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