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Posted By Topic: A Brief Biography of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al Haajiri

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Aboo Yoosuf Tariq Ibn Warshamin Khan (Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia)
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*Posted on behalf of some of the western students of Shaykh Muhammad Ramzan al-Haajiree

The following is a brief biography of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al Haajiri. It was originally written and posted on by a Saudi brother Naif Al Mutairi and then translated by one of the brothers here, Abu Hamza Al Hindi, and checked over. I (Abu Afnaan) have added some information with regards to some of the current classes and which science the books the Sheikh teaches are related to. As you can see, the Arabic original is on the bottom for bothers to cross reference.

1. Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi, may Allah have mercy on him, when asked about Shaykh Muhammad:
Q: ıO our Shaykh, one wants to know what you know of the following Callers (meaning those who call to the Salafi dıawah); Shaykh Abdul Rahman Muhiyuddin. Do you know him O Shaykh?ı
A: ıWho?ı
Q: ıShaykh AbdulRahman Muhiyuddinı
A: ıNo.ı
Q: ıMuhammad Ibn AbdulWahhab Al-Aqeel?ı
A: ıMuhammad Ibn AbdulWahhab Al-Aqeel is well known, he is from Ahl alSunnah insha Allaahı
Q: ıShaykh Abdul Salam Al-Suhaimi?ı
A: ıah, ahı
Q: ıShaykh Abdul Salam Al-Suhaimi?ı
A: ıAbdul Salam Al-Suhaimi, he is well known, he is from Ahl alSunnah insha Allaah.ı
Q: ıShaykh Ali Ibn Ghazi Al-Tuwaijiri?ı
A: ıI donıt know him.ı
Q: ıShaykh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al-Hajri?ı
A: ıHe is from the heads of Ahl AlSunnah.ı
Q: ıJazakum Allaahu khairan.ı

The link to Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi fatwa is accessible at:

And I bring you a brief biography of the sheikh given by one of the Sheikhıs students Naif Al-Mutairi (who said):

Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al-Hajri is my sheikh and the sheikh of Salafiyeen in Al-Jubail which is in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Muhammad is well known among the Salafi Scholars. I narrate to you a conversation of one our brothers who telephoned Sheikh Ubaid Al-Jaabiree -may Allaah protect him- seeking a fatwa about an issue. And the Sheikh (Al-Jabiree) was busy, so he asked our brother, ıWhere are you from?" He said, "From Al-Jubail." So the Shaykh (Al-Jabiree) said, "With you is Muhammad Ibn Ramzan, so call him and ask him."

And similarly when Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhalee -may Allaah protect him- visited us in Al-Jubail, I was with the Sheikh in the same car traveling to Dammam in which he praised our Sheikh (Muhammad Ibn Ramzan) and his efforts of daıwah in the Province.

The Sheikh (Muhammad Ibn Ramzan) is well connected to the people of knowledge, and most of them are his guests (when they come to the Eastern Province) like Sheikh Ubaid Al-Jaabiree, Sheikh Saleh Al-Suhaimi, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhalee, Sheikh Waseeullaah Abbas, and the Sheikh of Salafiyeen in Kuwait Falah Ibn Ismail Al-Mandakaar, and others from the Salafi Scholars, Shuyukh and students.

And for many years our Sheikh (Muhammad Ibn Ramzan) has been giving continuous classes, of which the following books were/are taught:

ı          Umdatul Ahkam (Hadith/Fiqh)
ı          Forty Hadeeth of Nawawi (Hadith)
ı          Al Qawaid AlArbaıa (Aqeedah)
ı          Al Usool AlThalatha (Aqeedah)
ı          Book of Tawheed (Aqeedah)
ı          Kashfu Al-Shubahaat (Adeedah)
ı          The Six Principles (Usool As Sitta) (Aqeedah)
ı          (Aqeedah) Al-Waasitiyah
ı          (Aqeedah) Al-Tahaawiyah
ı          Lamıatul Iıtiqaad (Aqeedah)
ı          Sharh Al Sunnah of Imam Al-Barbaharee (Aqeedah)
ı          Ibanah Al Sughra (Aqeedah)
ı          Masail Al Jaahiliyah (Aqeedah)
ı          Fadhlul Islam (Aqeedah)
ı          Mukhtasar Zaad AlMaıad of Imam Muhammad Ibn AbdilWahab (Fiqh)
ı          Al Rahabiyah (Fara'id-inheritance)
ı          Al Waraqaat (Usool al fiqh)
ı          Al Bayquniyah (Mustalah al hadith)
ı          Kitab Ibadaat min Manhaj AlSalikeen (Fiqh)
ı          Al Mulakhas Al Fiqhi of Shaykh Saleh AlFawzan
ı          General Lessons for Common people of the Ummah of Shaykh Ibn Baaz
ı          AlUsool fi ıIlmul Usool of Shaykh Ibn Uthaimeen (Usool al fiqh)
ı          Parts of the Book Rawdhatun Nathir (Usool al Fiqh)

And presently our Shaykh has the following teaching sessions in Al-Jubail:
1.      Every Sunday after Maghrib at JamıI Umar Ibn AbdilAzeez ı Sharh AlRasaail of Imam Muhammad Ibn AbdilWahab (now teaching Kitab Al Tawheed)

2.      Every Thursday after Fajr at Masjid Suraqah Ibn Malik, the following books:
a.       Tafsir Ibn Katheer
b.      Bulugh Al Maram (Fiqh and Hadith)
c.       Al-Shareeıah of Imam Al-Aajooree (Aqeedah)
d.      Umdatul Fiqh (of Imam Al-Maqdasee) (Fiqh)
e.       Zaad Al Maıad (Fiqh and Seerah)

And our Shaykh also has weekly sessions in cities of Dammam, Khafji and Naiıriyah. Our Shaykh also participates in annual lectures and programs inside the Kingdom and abroad.

This is what is possible for me to put down urgently, and Allah is the One to give Tawfeeq.

*Abu Afnaan Muhammad Siddiq (one of the American brothers in Jubail who translates for Shaikh Muhammad) adds..

The Sheikh holds a Masterıs Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence from Imam Ibn Saud University and studied under the likes of Sheikh Ibn Baz (12 years), Sheikh Ibn Al ıUthaymeen, Sheikh Muhammad Aman Al Jaami, Sheikh Rabeıe Al Madkhali, Sheikh Saalih Al Atram, Hamaad Al Ansari and many others. I once asked about his Shuyukh and he responded that they were more than two hundred.

In addition to the previous mentioned classes, the Sheikh has a class on Mondays, after 'Isha (translated into English). He's completed 40 An Nawawiya, Kitab Al Tawheed, Sharh As Sunna, and Fadl Islam. We will start Muqaddimah Ibn Abi Zaid (Aqeedah) after the winter break. Also, on Sat. the Sheikh has class in Dammam after 'Isha. He teaches from M'aarij Al Qubool (Hafidh al Hakamy) and Tafseer (Ibn Katheer of which heıs almost finished). He also has monthly duroos in Qaysooma and Al Ahsaa. Also, within the past year the Sheikh has traveled to Maghrib, Turkey, Europe, India, Bangladesh, and other places giving da'wa. On some of these trips, heıs traveled with the likes of Sheikh Saleh As Suhaymi and Sheikh Wasee Allah Al 'Abbas. I (Abu Afnaan) have personally seen a letter sent by Sheikh Wasee Allah Al 'Abaas in which he gives Sheikh Muhammad 'Ijaaza in Sahih Al Bukhari which Sheikh (Muhammad) read sections from it to Sheikh (Wasee Allah), part of which was on a plane, exemplifying the Sheik's dedication to seeking and spreading 'ilm. Currently (12/07/2010), the Sheik is in Morocco with Sheikh Salih as-Suhaimi participating in the Imam Malik Dawra.

In addition to the Shuyukh mentioned above, many other shuyukh have visited Shiekh Muhammad, like Sheikh Al Albani, Sheikh Muhammad Aman Al Jaami, and a host of others. Due to the Sheikhıs humility it is difficult to get him to talk about himself as heıs always advising his students to ıtake knowledge from the kibaarı.

Jazak Allah khairan.

Abu Yoosuf Tariq

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Abu Ebraheem ibn Abdulla (UAE)
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aslamualikum wa rahmathuallhi barakthuhu

here is Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al Haajiri's hafidahuallah website in english

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Radhiyallahu anhu said: I will not leave anything Allah's Messenger Sallahu alihi wa ssallam did, except that I will also do it; for I fear that if I were to leave any of his commands and ways I would deviate.(Al-Bukhari, Al-Sahih 2:386

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