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Posted By Topic: Studying Islaam in Saudi Arabian Universities

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02-08-2010 @ 1:13 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Damilola Sadiq ibn Owodunni (Lagos, Nigeria || Eastern Province, KSA)
Posts: 338
Joined: Jul 2007
assalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh brothers,

A brother sought my advice regarding Islamic Universities in Saudi Arabia, and I hope you brothers can help answer these questions - jazaakumAllaahu khayraa:

1) What are the chances of getting accepted for someone above 25 years. Nil? Or is there still some hope?

2) How important/beneficial is visiting the Universities during the application process.

I am hoping this thread can be a sort of supplement / update to the information on Islamic Universities on brother Moosaa's website:

May Allah reward you all.

Your brother, Saadiq.

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