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» Does too much talk about minhaj and refutations harden the heart?
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Posted By Topic: Does too much talk about minhaj and refutations harden the heart?

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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)
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Does too much talk about minhaj and refutations harden the heart?

The following is a summary translation taken from and

Question to Sheik Fawzan

Q: What is your view on the one who says the books of refutations harden the heart?

A: No, leaving off refutations is what hardens the heart, because the people will live upon error and misguidance so their hearts will become harden; but if the truth is clarified and falsehood is refuted then this is what softens the heart without doubt.

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Question to Sheik Rabee

Q: What do you say oh Sheik to the one who says too much talk about minhaj hardens the heart?

A: Meaning that a lot of talk about the minhaj and correcting it and studying it hardens the heart, but calling to myths, and innovations, and misguidance and to the ideas of the khawarij softens the heart---Masha ALLAH!!! The dawa to the minhaj; calling to the book of ALLAH and to the sunna of the Messenger peace and blessings are upon him, and what is contained in the book of ALLAH and the sunna of the Messenger peace and blessing are upon him, from the belief system (aqeedah), and the acts of worship, and the actions, and correcting the minhaj is a great affair that must be done and there is a lot of misguidance concerning this minhaj. And no matter how much the person was to speak about it, his efforts would be minuscule in relation to what is required in this affair. Now when we speak about the minhaj does it reach every Muslim?!! But speech upon the methodology of Tabligh (Jamaat) or upon the methodology of the Muslim brotherhood, or the methodology of the people who are astray or the methodology of the people of bida, or myths, or deviated creeds and politics and socialism and ideological beliefs, this Masha ALLAH softens the heart!!!! Is this a correct statement? This foolish statement is not able to stand up to the true Islamic minhaj, may ALLAH bless you.

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