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Assalamu' Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah, Here are some words that we can all ponder upon!!

The poeple are of three categories: the upright scholar, the one seeking knowledge upon the path of salvation and the hooligan type rabble who follow anyone who cries out, turning whichever way the wind blows.  This last category has not been illuminated by the light of knowledge and they have not fallen back upon the support that offers safety,strength and security.Knowledge is better than wealth, for knowledge guards you while you have to guard wealth. Knowledge increases the actions, but wealth gradually decreases as it is spent. And the love of the scholar is DEEN- it being professed through this act of love.Knowledge secures obedience for the scholar during his life and praise after his death. But the benefit of wealth stops once it finishes. The people who hoard wealth are (in reality) dead whie they live their lives. However the scholars remain as long as time remains- for their bodies may no longer be present, but their examples are found in the hearts.

taken from the Advice of Alee Ibn Taalib to Kumayl ibn Ziyaad, from the book'Words of Advice from the Salaf'

I pray to Allah that Allah rewards our noble scholars with Jannatul Firdous AMEEN,  who are  upon the Manhaj of the Salaf creating easier understanding for us and clarifying the issues for us. I pray to Allah that all of us Salafees remain true and sincere upon the way of As-Salaf As-Saalih with no hidden agendas.
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved prophet, The Messenger of Allah (sallalaho alaihi wassalaam) and his family.

Abu Dawood Humza As Salafee.

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