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29-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Salaamu aleykum wa rahma

i have heard of the salaam being completed with 'wa maghfiratuh' the naration wereupon this would be based should be in the collection of Abu Dawood, but i couldn't find it

i come accross very few sisters/brothers who use this and it made me wondering if it is saheeh to greet with

'salaamu aleykum wa rahmatullaahi ta'aala wa barakaat wa maghfiratuh'

djazaq Allaahu gheyran


Subhanaka 'allahumma wa bihamdika
'ash hadu 'alla 'ilaha  'illa 'anta '
astaghfiruka wa 'atubu 'ilayka

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