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AbdulGaniyy    -- 26-09-2004 @ 1:21 PM
  as'salaamu 'alaykum...

my primary question is:

What is the ruling concerning Masjidul Albanee, in Brooklyn, New York?

for I heard from Abdul Lateef al-Yamaani the cab driver (and he is trustworthy with the salafees here in NYC) that Muhammad Zorkane is no longer the imaam there...and for that matter the masjid does not have an active imaam, and is maintained by donations from the general people that frequent the masjid...

I personally do not know anything from the brothers that frequent the masjid except Salafiyyah (despite their lack of knowledge in some affairs of manhaj), and I do not know of anyone who advised them concerning the position they should take with Muhammad Zorkane and the errors he fell into...

I also do not know what exactly removed the masjid from being considered a salafee masjid, for when questioned about the salafee masaajid here in NYC the brothers only mention the Masjidul Ikhwa, and Masjidul Muslimeen.
(I, myself, am silent concerning its ruling-- rather its salafee or not, for I do not have sure knowledge concerning this affair).

if anyone can enlighten me concerning this matter, and what are the errors of Muhammad Zorkane, that still remain with him, it will be highly appreciated.

O Controller of the hearts, keep our hearts firm upon Your religion!! Ameen.

jazaakullaahu khairan, as'salaamu 'alaykum
Harun ibn Abdul 'Awwaal al-amriki

Ibraaheem al-Harbee said, ?I heard Ahmad (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) say, ?If you love that Allaah should keep you upon that which you love, then remain upon that which He loves, and the good is in the one who sees no good in himself.?  Refer to al-Aadaabush-Share

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