Topic: Shaykh Muqbil on 'Abdul-Khaliq, Al-Huwaymee, Al-'Awdah, Al-Hawali and Suroor

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  Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadi al-Wadi'ee: 'Abdur-Rahman 'Abdul-Khaliq, Abu Ishaq Al-Huwaymee, Salmaan Al-'Awdah, Safar Al-Hawali and Muhammad Suroor are innovators.


"What is your opinion regarding the one who alleges that he is salafee but he does not acquire the salafee books or tapes, and instead defends the people of partisanship?"


ıThat which we advise our brothers with is to accept the beneficial books like: Riyaadhus-Saaliheen, Buloogh-ul-Maraam, Fath-ul-Majeed. This will benefit them more than tapes, because that which we say and what others say on tapes is only a drop of water from the rainstorm, yes, we advise our brothers with memorizing Riyaadhus-Saaliheen, and before that with memorizing the Noble Quraan, and also Buloogh-ul-Maraam if they are able, and to memorize al-LuıLu wal-Marjaan as well. So this is what will benefit them. As for one not acquiring the tapes then this is not evidence that one is not salafee, rather it is befitting that you look toward who he befriends, and does he befriend the innovators? Yes like ıAbdur Rahmaan ıAbdul Khaaliq and Aboo Ishaaq al Huwaynee, these two individuals are considered innovators, ah yes and likewise Safar and Salmaan are considered from the innovators. And also the magazine: as-Sunnah which is connected to innovation and it belongs to Muhammad Suroor thus this one and his followers are steadfast upon it, it is considered a magazine of innovationıı

Answered by Imaam Muqbil Al Waadiıee
Source: The tape entitled: al-Majruhoon #3 from Tasjeelaat Ahlil-Hadeeth
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