Topic: 40 Worldly Benefits of Abandoning Sinful Behaviour

Moosaa    -- 11-05-2011 @ 7:45 PM
  Worldly Benefits Attained Through Abandoning Sinful Behaviour

[1] Maintaining personal integrity (muroo'ah)

[2] Keeping your name and reputation clean

[3] Protecting your social status

[4] Preserving wealth that Allaah has provided and made as a means to take care of worldly and religious benefits

[5] A wholesome life

[6] A properly rested body

[7] A strong heart

[8] A clean soul

[9] Happiness of the heart

[10] A relaxed chest

[11] Security from the worries that affect the wicked and disobedient

[12] Less worry, sadness, and grief

[13] Inner strength of personal honor, not yielding to disgrace

[14] Safeguarding the light in one's heart from being extinguished by the darkness of disobedience

[15] A way around (or out of) what confines the wicked and disobedient

[16] Being granted provisions easily from avenues unthought of

[17] General ease being granted in affairs that are difficult upon the people of disobedience and sinning

[18] Having acts of obedience made easy for you to perform

[19] Having knowledge made easy for you to attain

[20] The general speech of the people in your favor

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[21] Lots of supplications are made in your favor

[22] The delight that can be seen on your face

[23] The respect that is placed in the people's hearts for you

[24] Their support and defense of you when harmed or oppressed

[25] Their defense of you in the presence of those who backbite you

[26] Quick responses to your supplications

[27] The dispelling of unfamiliarity between you and Allaah

[28] The closeness of the angels

[29] Distance from the human and jinn devils

[30] The people outdoing each other to serve you and take care of your needs

[31] Their seeking your love and companionship

[32] Not being afraid of death, instead you are happy to meet your Lord and to reach your final abode

[33] The insignificance of this world in your heart

[34] True reverence of the Hereafter in your heart

[35] Vigilance regarding the great dominion (of Paradise) and the great success that lies within it

[36] Tasting the sweetness of obedience

[37] Attaining the sweetness of faith

[38] The supplications of the Angels who bear the Throne, and the other Angels as well

[39] The joy of the angels who write your deeds, and their constant supplications in your favor

[40] An increase in intellect, understanding, faith, and knowledge

[41] Attaining the Love of Allaah, His Attention, and His Happiness with your repentance

Extracted from al-Fawaa'id of Ibn Qayyimil-Jowziyyah (pp.224-225 of the Rushd printing, 1422)

ibn John

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